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Paul Jub Killed Online

March 31, 2008

Paul Jub had a good Christian web site preaching the Gospel but it got killed by The Atheist Spider Man and Chilly At The Crack Spot. Just another example of athiests censoring Christians and taking away there free speech.


Some Libtards Really Hate God

March 30, 2008

Libtard is my new favorite word. It’s short for “liberal retard” and we have lots of those. I found a blog written by one of them.

Chilly At The Crab Shack is written by a libtard with a chip on his shoulder. Look at this, the guy is calling allmighty God by the a word! Normally I wouldn’t want to link to something like this because it’s like pond scum. But in the comments here on this web blog for Jesus, a lot of people haven’t really been able to believe that it’s got so bad. But this is proof – a man who actually hats God.

You know 100 years ago this wouldn’t be tolerated. Even in those Islam countries it’s still against the law. The crazy guy from Iran with the name nobody can say right even had a good point. Why is it that it’s ok to disrespect God but if you say anything about different kinds of people or whatever the ACLU will nail you to the wall? Rap music like Barak Obama makes is more important to the unbelievers than God.

Barack Obama Is A Gangster Rapper

March 30, 2008

No wonder the libs love him!  Look at this!  It’s not just a fake reverend it’s Snop Dog too that loves Obama.

Persecution of Christians Continues

March 30, 2008

Jesus told his followers, his disciples, that they would be spit upon by angy wicked men. This has come to pass time and again. You’ve probably experienced it in your own life. Well, so have I, which is why I started this blog. It’s getting a lot of readers and a lot of positive commentary, and more important, it’s only one of so many web site technologies for Jesus. Bridget doesn’t want everyone to have health care, either.

But everybody isn’t happy about Christians coming together through the world web. Here’s a guy that calls himself Spider Man attacking Christians for recognizing their own rights. But I have to warn you he’s a guy who doesn’t recognize that this is a God fearing country. This is the kind of guy drags God out of the house like that Elton John song about Levon who was born when the New York Times said God is dead.

Persecution of Christians is nothing new. These new brand of athiest like Christopher Hitchens and Richardo Dawkins and Sam Harris and Hillary Clinton think they’re clever, but they’re only doing what God prophesied in the Gospel, and what’s been going on for 2,000 years.

Wow. Oprah Thinks God is Jealous?

March 29, 2008

I can never remember if it’s Opera or Oprah. Anyway she thinks God is jealous of her because she had a spiritual experience with a flower. Typical athiest nonsense.

There’s a Christian blog called Pulpit Pimps and I think that’s young people rap talk. I don’t approve of that but the man who rites the web site has a very good idea, and I quote:

I suggest we make May 1, May Day, “Pray for Oprah Day.” It could only benefit her. And hey, she just might turn that huge financial and executive power into a force of Godliness. I’ll be a guest on “The Pastor’s Corner” this out of Sacramento this Friday night. The feedback I got from them so far was very positive. We will likely talk it up and see what develops around the web and around the Christian community.

As you know, I normally don’t even try to suggest that this or that person be prayed for. Most of the people who appear on this site, in these posts, are active and aggressive leeches, sucking the life from foolish and ignorant Christians. Most of them know what they are doing is wrong. Oprah, on the other hand, really doesn’t have a clue. She is indeed like a kid, eager to believe a lie. Wouldn’t it be an amazing sight if the Big O came on her show and announced that she had been wrong all these years? Hey, it happened to King Nebuchadnezzar. Why not Queen Oprah?

So if you think it’s a good idea or a waste of God’s time, go check out this other fine Christian web blog and share your opinion.

I can’t figure out what God might be jealous over Oprah though?  She only has the things He gave her.

The Joy Of Serving God

March 29, 2008

Have a look at The Sharpening Iron, which is a Christian blog about Jesus. This is a man who understands the great joy of being one of God’s children, and is bringing up his own sons that way.

I’d sing all the man’s praises, but you should go see for yourself.  This is such a good example for us Christians!

I Don’t Want Everyone To Have Health Care

March 28, 2008

Shrillary is still going on and on about universal health care like if it was some kind of good thing. Let me ask you this: Do you want some junkie shooting up heroine and then having unprotected sex in the hospital bed next to your aging mother in law? I didn’t think so.

Universal means everyone. Some people are too far gone and anti-social to be fit into the health care system without destroying it for everyone else. Is it really right that prostitutes should be able to prevent your son from having his braces taken out because the insurance company is broke fighting venereal disease? I know librals want to ruin America, but that’s too destructive even for Michael Moore if he thought about it for 10 minutes.

This is why socialism is wrong. Us responsible people who’ve been treating our bodies right because the Holy Ghost lives within each of us and we don’t want to sin against God shouldn’t be punished for doing good when everyone else is out doing drugs and havning teenage sex because they think they can tax us and make it better. Want an example? Look at Michael Moore – you really think a person that obese should be telling us about health?

How do alcoholics get cured? They hit rock bottom, then they turn their live over to God when they know they’ve lost control of it. And they learn there actions have consequences. When people do drugs and have sex with lots of partners they know they can count on everyone else to pay for their mistakes, so they don’t have to stop making them.

Plus health care is part of the gay agenda. Gays spread disease like AIDS and it’s very expensive to treat. So they want to take our money for it.

Computer Geekery + Communism

March 27, 2008

I was browsing through the Christian blogs on Word Press and somehow I found this doozey. It’s about a computer program called Linux. That’s where a bunch of librals sit around computer programming all day smoking the marijuana and then give it all away. It’s all about not having private property.

But I guess Linux doesn’t get computer viruses made by athiests in Europe. Neither does Mac, and it’s not communist! Besides they aren’t for Christians – I never got one. We don’t go to porn al day on the internet. So basically the computer communists have one good thing and they stole it from Christians and Mac.

If you look at this blog you can see it’s all about destroying capitalism. That’s true at the end of hte day. So even if Windows is a stupid computer program it’s part of capitalism, and that’s the best thing we’ve got. Capitalism is human nature, handed down from God directly. Why would a bunch of computer geeks want to destroy that? Because they’re antisocial, I guess. And liberals just love communism!

The Joke’s On Them

March 26, 2008

They tried making fun of us but the joke is on the terrorists and scientists.

Barak HUSSEIN Obama The Muslim?

March 26, 2008

I’ve hard a lot of rumors about this. I don’t know for sure if they’re true or not. The main claims he’s a Christian. Maybe that’s just good taste? I dno’t know if Muslims are allowed to recant their god? He probably isn’t as important to them – remember all the martyrs in Christian history, people who met their death because they won’t leave Jesus. They’re in heaven with Him now, each and every one.

But that’s what I want to talk about. Barak says he’s a Christian, and he goes on TV talking about he doesn’t like his preacher. He supports all kinds of ant-Chrisitan legislation. The kind that takes our rights away. This is a man who wants to take away our rights and sacrafice them to the unholy shrine of political correctness.

I know having a terrorist middle name doesn’t make a person a terrorist or a Muslim automatically. And a liberal saying he’s a Christian isn’t true automatically either. I don’t believe him.


I hope he doesn’t give America to the terrorists!  Or the athiest terrorists, the ones who want to sue you for saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter to celebrate what Christ did for us!

Univrsities Taking Away Christian Rights

March 25, 2008

They aren’t the only ones but they push society against us. You have to see this video:

It’s amazing. Students are literally being forced into classes that make them read verses from the Koran! This is outrageous. Somehow turning people away from faith is supposed to be tolerance. The more we turn away from God the worse society gets. More godlessness is the liberal’s answer like they drink to cure a hang over.

And what do they learn at the university? Unprotected sex. Coddling to protect their self esteem. Indoctrination to the gay agenda. Kids at college these days are actually taught to have gay friends because it makes them look “cool” and “diverse” and “tolerant.”

( This is a backdoor tactic, I promise you. Just like medical marijuana is code for liberals being able to smoke drugs legally, but in slow motion because moral people are offended at the idea, so they have to try and sneak it by us like that. )

So how can we do something about this? If you have kids, please send them to a Christian school!


March 24, 2008

You died for our sins to repay the debt that began with Adam and Eve and made us have to die.  But you conquered death and walked out the other side so that we, your chosen people, could do the same.  We are your followers, Jesus.  We’re only waiting for you to come back in The Rapture.

Ted Kennedy Wants To Kill Your Daughter

March 23, 2008

He drowned a girl in Massachusettes. Ted Kennedy is a murderer, and that’s who the liberals picked to represent them. Could there be any doubt about how immoral these people are? If they can elect a murderer (and then talk down on Bush!) they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Seriously, it’s like when Lebanon elected Hamas.

This Is The Liberal Athiests

March 22, 2008

You want your kid turning into that at the University?

If the ACLU gets its way, this will be your son.  Or daughter, I really can’t tell which.