It’s Atheists That Are Ignorant

Duh. Atheists are ignorant to God’s love. By definition this is true.

So why are they so keen on painting the Ignorant Christian stereotype? I have plenty of theories on that. When you point a finger at someone, four fingers are pointed back at you, the saying goes. Atheists recognize their own ignorance, at some level, and it bothers them. So they take this insecurity and project it onto their enemy. It’s God’s plan, and there will be Hell to pay.

But I’m getting off the subject. Atheists don’t believe in anything at all. At times like funerals they’re jealous of us. Have you ever noticed how upset and mad atheists are in general? A lack of happiness in their life? It bothers them that Christians know peace through God, and it bothers them that we alone rise above death, as Jesus opened the door for His faithful.

So they like to make fun of us to make themselves feel better – they call us primitive, say that understanding the true reality somehow makes us “weak minded” instead of open and intelligent enough to have understood something each and every one of them doesn’t get.

The last reason they do this is to pervert the minds of impressionable children. If they can get the future generations to believe religion is ignorant, they can get children to turn away from God. And recruit more for their nasty cause.

A typical atheist



  1. 1
    Lucy Lowe Says:


    I’m sorry if you’ve had some bad experiences with atheists. I personally don’t believe in a God but I while I disagree with you I wouldn’t seek to mock you or accuse you of being stupid because of your beliefs.

    I just think we both wish to make sense of the World. For you and many others that requires the existence of a God. For me the World makes far more sense without the existence of some superbeing. That we disagree isn’t so important – so long as we both respect one another’s right to think as we do the World is big enough for both of us.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. 2
    Farthel Says:

    Actually atheists ask too many questions, and religion has not enough convincing answers. Sometimes asking soeone to have faith is asking too much.

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