Athiests Are Bullys

Think about it: we can’t say Merry Christmas in public, we can’t give preference to hiring Christians at our own company even though Christians are more trustworthy than heathens. You can talk about having sex or doing drugs or being gay but you can’t talk about Jesus.

If you’re not politically correct enough the Angry Communist Liberal Uglys will sue you into oblivion. Why the ACLU will go to court wasting taxpayer money to defend nazis, but they do everything they can to take away Christian rights. They say they want equal rights for everyone but Christians, but really they just want to make society as wicked as possible.

Liberals and athiests love Nazis and hate Christians.  We know what side they’re on.



  1. 1
    Samuel Skinner Says:

    Actually for an example of modern American Nazi love read Watch on the Rhine. Yep, the writer is a bloody brown shirt.

    Also, the ACLU doesn’t recieve tax money. They are an independent organization.
    Not to mention atheists can’t be procommie and pronazi similtaniously.

  2. 2
    shidemn Says:

    Dude, the reason is you cant say merry christmas, isnt because of athiests, it because you should have respect of others religions. So you ignorant asshole dont single out someone just because you dont like them, thats why athiests are dicks to christians, because no kindness was ever offered in return.


  3. 3
    Farthel Says:

    How on Earth, a liberal can support an extreme right movement like the nazi party?

  4. 4
    S. H. Says:

    Just because a person doesn’t believe in god doesn’t mean they go around raping and stealing. Atheists have pretty much the same morals as Christians… But instead of getting their image of right and wrong from an old book… they use common sense.

  5. 5
    Charles Says:

    I’m an HR manager, and when an employee under investigation (for stealing, fraud, sexual harassment, you name it) says they’re christian therefore they’d never do such a thing…well let’s just say the typical outcome is they’re guilty as sin. Christians can run to the confessional or fall to knee and repent and merrily go to heaven, but atheists/agnostics have no such back door redemption to clean up their messes in their own minds. Heathens aren’t nearly as cavalier about right and wrong in my experience.

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