Making Fun Of Christians Everywhere

It’s nothing but blasphemy anyway. Stuff like this just encourages the children to turn away from the faith and from all that’s right with the world. The evil religion is created just to make fun of Christians. They parade there Flying Spaghetti Monster around the internet like people don’t understand this is God you’re making fun of! Nobody seriously believes a bowl of pasta made anything but indigestion. And athiests know that – the whole thing is to mock good Christians.

Can you imagine what it would be like if people made up a religion to hate black people instead of Christians? The political correct arm of the ACLU would tear them apart. So why is it socially acceptable to bash Christians then?

Look at this filth people are drawing. Somebody stole Jesus’ fish symbol, cut off its tail, and then polluted it. Sometimes I see the Darwin fish in the parking lot at WalMart, and it just makes me so angry.

Look how they’re making fun of us now!



  1. 1
    doubtingmoab Says:

    FYI, In general, I’ve never heard an atheist say they hate Christians as you assert in your post, but rather they hate the beliefs (though hate also isn’t the right word rather find immoral, illogical or not compassionate or find completely useless) that many Christians hold and which the Bible seems to support.

    It seems to me that to confuse the sin with the sinner, whether one is a Christian or an atheist is to make a huge moral error. In fact, when God does this – by condemning to hell for eternity the sinner – “he” is making the same mistake.

  2. 2
    Martyr Says:

    Did you ever ask yourself why people mock Christian beliefs?
    I can’t imagine why:

    Atheist: What?
    Christain: HELL!!!

    That seriously has happened to me before, I’m not even an atheist!

    “Sometimes I see the Darwin fish in the parking lot at WalMart, and it just makes me so angry.”

    It must tear you up that someone’s an individual–

    Hypocrisy fills your theories and you know it. You all do this for power! Nobody, not even your fellow Christians, can measure up to “god’s” plan. In your eyes, its all wrong and you’re such a martyr. An example of my family church:

    Pastor: Even if the Bible tells you you’re saved, you can not be saved if you do something wrong like Blasphemy.

    Child: But I thought God loved you no matter what.

    Pastor: He does. He’s just going to make you suffer in Hell.

    Did you know that the way a cult recruits it’s members is by putting them in fear of the deity they are supposedly worshipping? Another example, this happened this morning in fact:

    Pastor: I’m sure we all believe that people who are wearing skulls will burn in an eternal fire- if we didn’t we would join these ‘heatens’ for mocking our lord Jesus Christ!

    In my firmly baptist church they kicked out a group of kids for wearing Avenged Sevenfold t-shirts-
    Isn’t that who we should be wanting to help the most
    Because we as Christians put ourselves on pedestals
    And think we’re better than everyone else…

    Jesus befriended the prostitutes and the beggars, to save them. We don’t need to save the saved people in the church! Its the unsaved who need to see the light, and I severely doubt you telling them how to live is going to do that. So shut up and quit blocking out the rest of the world! If your Christians, you should be Christ-like. Christ wasn’t a hypocrite. Can you say the same about yourselves?

  3. 3
    Avatar Gurl Says:


    oh how true!

    Christians have NO idea what they’re getting into!

    As a recovered Catholic, I believe that God will help you if you help yourself and others. Simple as that. No coercion. No “or else.” God loves and will help if we ask him/her/it. I don’t care what gender God is, or even if God IS a gender. God is God. Simple.

    What humans do nowadays is make excuses and platitudes as to the causes of their actions, to justify themselves. Life isn’t about justification, people! It’s about living. So LIVE!

  4. 4
    Mr Truth Says:

    It’s alright to be an atheist because everbody s afraid to try a new thing sooner or later but there is a *new* kind of Atheism that are one sided and won’t admit it and I think that’s why you young Atheist think Christians are ganging up against you.

    If you have a problem with someone telling you that “You are going to hell for this” then it’s the church that’s the problem not the belief system!!

    The ideal for *Any* church is suppose to be welecoming newcomers and encouraging them to praticipate and to not to feel bad for being there. 😛

    They are suppose to encourage debates in special classes so you can *discuss* what you think.

    If you don’t like a certain church then don’t go to that fucking church and let them make assholes out of themselves. Just don’t make an asshole out of yourselfs like you are doing now by spreading gossip which is also *wrong* in the bible!!

    If God didn’t have the kindness he did by allowing *free will* you’d all be killed for such racists attacks on anybody who belives in a *God* but he has mercy and hope for you to change.

    He has all of Eternity just about.

    God knows it and appricates it when people attempt to come to him no matter what but he can’t do much cause of the *free will* law or he would then be his own hypocrite and there would be no point in having an *earth* if we were all fucking robots as you want to think christians are!

    We are *Christians* and we still had to deal with Jehovah Witnesses and other religious crap at our door so we didn’t get a *free pass* just cause we believe in Jesus and my mom is an *ex* Moron ahem I mean Mormon and used to get all sorts of crap from them.

    You should all be shot for posting such racists attacks on Christians without even knowing that their are several different kinds that do things in different ways!! 😛

    I’d love it if they passed a law that forbid racists attacks on any religious group wheather it be Christains or Wiccans or pagans or Celtics.etc and any body who makes fun of a church would be eligble to be shot up!

    Forget jails.

    They just waste tax dollars and encourage the goverment to pass *security theather* laws that do next to nothing to stop crime like the stupid 3 strikes law that make criminals more daring instead. 😛

    Unless you are a Catholic or a Moron *Mormon* most don’t get in your face………………………Oh yea and the Jehova Witnesss.

    I won’t stand idle!!

    That is why Christians will say you are going to hell is they are tired of being made fun of!

    They don’t have patience to put up with crap 😛

    I’l probably go to hell for this but I am going to stand up to the anti christain groups even if it comes to murder as I am doing this for the freedmon and Liberty to go to our church of choice without fear of harrasment!

    I am going to start my own *reverse* Klux Klux Klan that will go after people who attack churches wheather it’s verbal or physical attacks such as arson or vandalisim.etc

    I am going to defend America’s freedom of religion that allows them to freely go to any church they desire instead of just Joe’s church by our forfathers who died as heros so England wouldn’t force the Colonies to go to their church.


    If you dont’ like the freedom of church choices then dont’ come to America and places your views in Europe or something and I am sure you’ll get a lot of support.

    There is a reason Canada isn’t Amercia nor is Canda, Australia.

  5. 5
    Mr Truth Says:

    You teenagers/Young Adults like martyr obviously went to a STALE and STAGNANT church and no matter what the belief system is, a stale church doesn’t go anywhere and will rust and decay eventually and I know what I am talking about too. 😛

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that church that told you “Your going to hell” still uses *The crappy Old Testmant* alot in their studies and have their brains stuck in the past. A Blast From The Past.

    That church will be met their own end to their own doing or however that phrase goes.

  6. 6
    Delphone Says:

    Flying spaghetti monster was designed to stop creationism as beeing taught as SCIENCE, not to bash god in general. It makes NO sense to teach non-science as science.

    And come on, christians are no angels, the majority of christianhood repeatedly bullies gay people. Why is it socially acceptable that christians bash gay people? Publicly? In churches? Spread heate and disrespect? It makes no sense to whine about a parody when the majority of your own religion has no respect for other people either. Compared to what churches do FMS is very mild.

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