Wickedness of New York Liberal Atheists

Jesus Christology, a blog devoted to spreading the Good News, has taken up the unfortunate duty of also spreading news of things going on in our world.  This should call all good Christians to alert:  Divorce Celebration Parties.

We need to preserve ( and sadly to bring back some of ) the sanctity of marriage.  Not just from the homosexuals in Massachusetts who are making a mockery out of our faith, but also from the liberals and pagans.  The ones who get married at 17 to have sex, then turn around and waste their parents money on lawyers to split up.  Now they’re having parties – and using drugs no doubt! – to celebrate the “healing” of desecrating God’s institution.

What will the liberals think of next?



  1. 1
    doubtingmoab Says:

    Does marriage really have anything to do with Christianity?

    As you know, there are other religions (many of which existed before Christianity) that had marriage. So when you say that “homosexuals are making a mockery of our faith,” you must realize, of course, that your particular religion has something to do with marriage, but not the other way around.

    So, while a Christian might find it offensive for a couple of homosexuals to be married in a Christian service, I fail to see how a Christian could find it offensive if the same couple were married in some other religion’s service.

    There are other people and other views, regardless if you do not believe they are correct. You know that right?

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    You mean about people who haven’t accepted Jesus yet?

    The liberals never will. They get married and then they have a midlife crisis in their 40s and turn gay so they get a divorce and party with drugs. This is an example of what’s ruining our socity and turning young children against God.

  3. 3
    doubtingmoab Says:

    You have to be joking! Your characterization is completely inaccurate! LOL!

  4. 4
    angryxtian Says:

    I dunno, it’s reported on Communist News Network – you can’t doubt CNN as a liberal. So what part do you think is innacurate?

  5. 5
    The Highwayman Says:


    You made an assertion on another thread that Christians hate gays, as does their God. Maybe some do, but most believers I know (myself included) make the same accusation against gays who slam Christians for being associated with the “bloody god of the Old Testament.” They don’t practice the love they claim is extinct in Christianity, when they do this.

    In fact, God loves everyone, but does not condone disobedience. I couldn’t care less how other people live their lives, as long as it doesn’t impact on me in a negative way. I didn’t create the universe or write it’s laws, either. God has jurisdiction, there, and if He says that same-sex relationships are inherently evil, then who are we to argue against Him? I just point to what’s been written, and leave it at that. Gays can live any way they like, but they can’t tell me that a practicing, unrepentant homosexual will ever see redemption… not gonna happen, at least not with the standards set out in the Bible that I read!

    I see many attempts at rewriting scripture, these days, to conform God with certain individual preferential lifestyles. Most psychopaths see our laws as foolish, too, and follow their own way. Then, when society locks them up, they cry foul!

    As for gays marrying, again, I don’t care. When they try and force Christian ministers to do the ‘honors’ is when I take exception. That’s what they tried (and are trying) to do here in Canada. I also care when they try and say that God condones their lifestyle, and then misquote scripture in an attempt to justify their actions.

    Another thing; other religions are not older than Christianity. The same God that was present in and throughout the Old Testament and it’s account of the creation of this world, was present in the God-man Jesus Christ. They are one and the same “I AM.” All pagan religions have their warped interpretation of God’s system, which differs in the respect that nature and a plethora of ‘gods’ are worshipped, instead of the Creator, Himself. While modern historians flatter themselves that Christianity is a relative newcomer on the scene, it really was the first belief system in existence, and served as a model for later pagan systems.

    Yes, there are other religions, people, views, etc. They have their beliefs, and we have ours. As long as they do not infringe upon our rights, or expect that our God will save them in wilful disobedience, they can do as they please, IMHO. They are God’s creation, like us, and are subservient to Him. In the end, He will judge them, as is His prerogative as the Creator.

  6. 6
    The Highwayman Says:

    Oh, and in answer to the first question, does marriage have anything to do with Christianity; yes, it does.

    God, Himself, presided over the first marriage – Adam and Eve’s. Like all other things, marriage has it’s beginnings in Eden. Even sin, itself, has it’s origins there.

    Everything else is just a copy.

  7. 7
    pauljub Says:

    Indeed, to paraphrase the highwayman… the God of Christians INVENTED marriage, so i think we shall listen to what He says about it.

    You may say, the God of the Christians is the God of Abraham, thus the God of the Muslims and Jews. However, the Muslims and Jews have rejected the claims of the very Son of God. If they don’t love and believe in the Son, then they do not even know the father.

  8. 8
    doubtingmoab Says:


    I should not have said that the god of Christians or that Christians, themselves, hate gays. In fact there are Christian organizations that are fairly reasonable and since their god doesn’t exist, hard for him to hate. But to the point, it’s true that only a small group of fundamentalist Christians portray a god that hates the sinner. Most hold to the claim “hate the sin, not the sinner” though we don’t see much of that when Christians comment on my blog. (eh, Paul?)

    How do we decide was it the god of Christians, the Islamics or some other religion who claims an older god still that invented marriage? Are we pretending that marriage doesn’t exist outside of Christian churches because it plainly does. And Hindu marriages are still marriages – without Christ. So – if you wish them to respect your inclination for marriage, does it not seem reasonable for you to offer the same?

  9. 9
    angryxtian Says:

    Hindu marriage is about drugs like marijuana and LSD and festivals of lights that probbly look good when you’re on drugs. I don’t see your point what that has to do with God?

  10. 10
    doubtingmoab Says:


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