Beyond Liberal White Guilt

Ever feel sad about where your vegetables grew up? Me either, and that’s because we’re not losers. But look here, it’s a blog about how to take care of that guilt and eat lettuce that grew up in your neighborhood.

I feel like a steak. You should join me on your end of the internet, with some fries and a cola pop. I heard every time you enjoy some ice cream a liberal freaks out and has a stroke. Don’t even get me started on organic and free trade BS. It’s not just the Hollywood Idiots Idols in fashion, I guess.

This bizarre news is cracking me up and making me feel silly. It’s good that the liberals are so confused they’re turning their attention on giving their food self esteem. Maybe they’ll leave us Christians alone for a change.



  1. 1
    pauljub Says:

    I know what you mean by “liberal”, because you’re American I think. I don’t like the terms “conservative” versus “liberal” for political views, since conservatives are liberal about some things and liberals are conservative about some things. For example, liberals are quite conservative about a woman’s “right” to kill the baby that is so inconveniently growing inside her because of her own stupid decisions.

    I would describe myself as right-winged and libertarian.

    Your democrats are definitely “liberal” or left-winged.

    My understanding of “left-winged” has varied; sometimes I think they’re just ignorant; sometimes I think Satan has a strong hold on them; sometimes I think they’re deliberately pretending to be thick. I haven’t really settled on one definition.

  2. 2
    Samuel Skinner Says:

    Hey, your ancestors kill a couple million people, you start to feel bad. The solution is not to use other people’s money to fix the problem though…

  3. 3
    angryxtian Says:

    Yeah, I’m an American and I’m proud of it. Always have been. This is a wonderful country, a Christian country, until recently, since the 1960s, when as a people we lost our way. I hope I can use this blog to remind people that Jesus is the son of God who died for all of us. The athiests have made everybody forgot; to a lot of people it seems like to them God must be the memory of a dream That’s because they’re still his children, but they’ve drifted so far from grace. We can stand together as God’s people basking in the light of his sun.

    Samuel – Am I stupid to point out that nothing bad was ever forced on the people who want a check for things that happened centuries ago? Wouldn’t reperations go to the people who suffered? And not their grand grand grand grand kids so far down they never even met them, who just want some money.

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