Univrsities Taking Away Christian Rights

They aren’t the only ones but they push society against us. You have to see this video:


It’s amazing. Students are literally being forced into classes that make them read verses from the Koran! This is outrageous. Somehow turning people away from faith is supposed to be tolerance. The more we turn away from God the worse society gets. More godlessness is the liberal’s answer like they drink to cure a hang over.

And what do they learn at the university? Unprotected sex. Coddling to protect their self esteem. Indoctrination to the gay agenda. Kids at college these days are actually taught to have gay friends because it makes them look “cool” and “diverse” and “tolerant.”

( This is a backdoor tactic, I promise you. Just like medical marijuana is code for liberals being able to smoke drugs legally, but in slow motion because moral people are offended at the idea, so they have to try and sneak it by us like that. )

So how can we do something about this? If you have kids, please send them to a Christian school!



  1. 1
    biblicalfoundations Says:

    Well said.

  2. 2
    dogeatery Says:

    Dude, I love your blog. It’s the laugh I need to start my day. Every time I start to have some level of respect for Christianity or some of its followers, I just remember the ignorant, uneducated idiots like yourself who have actually managed to shut down part of their brains in order to continue believing this crap.

    I mean, seriously, have you ever even left the county in which you live? Are you aware that there is a planet of nearly 8 BILLION people outside your church’s membership roster? Have you got any sense of historical perspective? You have internet access and yet no clue about how the world has evolved up to this point in time.


  3. […] What that mean is their are no transitional fosil records. They had 140 years to find even just one but they cant. Because God didn’t make one. So without evidance these people made up the idea of a cow that got up and walked. No, I’m not making that up. Go read the thing you’ll be shocked at what kinds of garbag these people make up and tell each other about. Their teaching this stuff in all the public schools so you should send your children to a private school. […]

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