Barak HUSSEIN Obama The Muslim?

I’ve hard a lot of rumors about this. I don’t know for sure if they’re true or not. The main claims he’s a Christian. Maybe that’s just good taste? I dno’t know if Muslims are allowed to recant their god? He probably isn’t as important to them – remember all the martyrs in Christian history, people who met their death because they won’t leave Jesus. They’re in heaven with Him now, each and every one.

But that’s what I want to talk about. Barak says he’s a Christian, and he goes on TV talking about he doesn’t like his preacher. He supports all kinds of ant-Chrisitan legislation. The kind that takes our rights away. This is a man who wants to take away our rights and sacrafice them to the unholy shrine of political correctness.

I know having a terrorist middle name doesn’t make a person a terrorist or a Muslim automatically. And a liberal saying he’s a Christian isn’t true automatically either. I don’t believe him.


I hope he doesn’t give America to the terrorists!  Or the athiest terrorists, the ones who want to sue you for saying Merry Christmas and Happy Easter to celebrate what Christ did for us!



  1. 1
    bchboy1 Says:

    he is not Islamic

  2. 2
    shidemn Says:

    Why do people have to pick on this man, he is a great person, and i honestly hope he wins!

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