I Don’t Want Everyone To Have Health Care

Shrillary is still going on and on about universal health care like if it was some kind of good thing. Let me ask you this: Do you want some junkie shooting up heroine and then having unprotected sex in the hospital bed next to your aging mother in law? I didn’t think so.

Universal means everyone. Some people are too far gone and anti-social to be fit into the health care system without destroying it for everyone else. Is it really right that prostitutes should be able to prevent your son from having his braces taken out because the insurance company is broke fighting venereal disease? I know librals want to ruin America, but that’s too destructive even for Michael Moore if he thought about it for 10 minutes.

This is why socialism is wrong. Us responsible people who’ve been treating our bodies right because the Holy Ghost lives within each of us and we don’t want to sin against God shouldn’t be punished for doing good when everyone else is out doing drugs and havning teenage sex because they think they can tax us and make it better. Want an example? Look at Michael Moore – you really think a person that obese should be telling us about health?

How do alcoholics get cured? They hit rock bottom, then they turn their live over to God when they know they’ve lost control of it. And they learn there actions have consequences. When people do drugs and have sex with lots of partners they know they can count on everyone else to pay for their mistakes, so they don’t have to stop making them.

Plus health care is part of the gay agenda. Gays spread disease like AIDS and it’s very expensive to treat. So they want to take our money for it.



  1. 1
    shidemn Says:

    “Plus health care is part of the gay agenda”
    Now how do you figure that?

  2. 2
    dogeatery Says:

    Jesus totally wants only some people to receive medical attention. Homeless junkies can go to hell for all Jesus cares. It’s a good thing we have the Bible, otherwise we’d have to rely on some heathen text written in the last 1500 years to aid our political decision-making.

  3. 3
    shidemn Says:

    Here you go. I have something written within the last few seconds, rather than 1500 years ago.
    God is not real, Jesus was just a charismatic man.
    “Homeless junkies can go to hell for all Jesus cares. ”
    People never cease to amaze me, you like the autor of this post are a piece of christian shit.


  4. 4
    Lucy Lowe Says:

    I think this might be the least Christian blog I’ve read on WordPress.

  5. 5
    ednamillion Says:

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me this is an attempt at satire.

  6. 6
    In God's Name Says:

    the more upset people r the more u know it’s true

  7. 7
    Brent Says:

    @ anti-Christian ugly people: Never bad mouth Christianity again. Not all of us are wackos like the author of this blog. I will expect your apologies anytime…

    @ the author of this blog: Dude, are you aware that God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit loves gays as much as he loves you? Are you totally free from sin? Do you know what happens to those who judge and preach false doctrine? They are damned to Hell.

    If I had to guess, I would say that you have never actually read the Bible in it’s entirety and have fully understood it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t say such things, and you would also quote/cite what the Word actually says.

  8. 8
    Peter Says:

    If there is a hell mate you’re on the express elevator down!

    Do you not see how hateful you are… tut tut… not very christian

  9. 9
    Journeyer Says:


    Again, I’m Norwegian, and we’ve had universal (and free) healthcare for, well, for a very long time. And I’ve yet to see reports of heroine addicts shooting up whilst having unprotected sex in our hospitals.

    And the last I heard AIDS was not a gay disease; it originated in a certain simian species (that’s chimpanzees to you lot) and were inadvertently spread through a mass vaccination programme – or some such. It eventually hit the US in ’69 (if memory serves me) and were not officially classified and recorded until ’81. Heterosexuals also get AIDS, and contribute equally (if not more) to the spread of the disease.

    Your ignorance is staggering, and cannot be defended in an age where just about every bit of knowledge obtained by the human race is avaiable for everyone.

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