Inspiring Words From Paul Jub!

I used to read his blog on WordPress, and every time I did, I’d stop and think to my self “Now there’s a guy who understands!  This is a man of wisdom and grace, and even though I never met the guy he earns my respect.”  You can imagine how honored I am that he left a comment on this blog, and true to form it’s a good advice to put things in perspective.

Us Christians have it rough these days – you all know that.  We’re constantly slandered by unbelievers.  Atheists take away most of our rights under law.  We’re the last people in society it’s ok to discriminate against.  And people with a dark hatred toward God in their heart ridicule us for our devotion to Christ.

And while I promised myself I would do wha I can to restore our place in society ( what I can do that I know of is to raise awareness ) getting caught up with athiests who want me to prove every word my heart knows doesn’t help the situation.  Instead, the best we can all do is to carry out God’s law in our own ways, and to celebrate the good news.

These were Paul’s words:

allow their ignorance and ridicule to fuel your zeal for God. be encouraged by their resistance. and continue to trust only in our Savior.

I only wish I could put a link to Paul’s new web site, so that we all might benefit from his wisdom and perspective.  But instead, we’ll have to take this wisdom into our hearts and carry it forward ourselves, each of us to be Christ’s light in the world fiathfully until He returns.



  1. 1
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Sigh… Taking your rights? What, because we don’t want our kids having to endure your guys’ bullshit in school?

  2. 2
    Jim RL Says:

    Can you please name a right that you have lost that others have?

    Christian prayers can’t be heard in schools? Well, neither can Jewish, Hindu or Muslim prayers.

    Christian displays not allowed on public property? Well, neither are Jewish, Hindue or Muslim displays.

    Can you list some newsworthy times where Christians were discriminated against? I can create a list of at least a dozen for gays, blacks, women, Muslims, and atheists in about 10 seconds each.

    Do you actually have any evidence for what you say, or are you just whining because atheists no longer hide in the shadows? Your lies and distortions will no longer stand unchallenged.

  3. 3
    angryxtian Says:

    You really hate to see Christians have respect for each other don’t you?

  4. 4
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    I responded to your comment. Again. I didn’t do a trackback because I’d hate myself if someone actually went to your blog.

  5. 5
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    By the way, answer Jim RL’s question.

  6. 6
    kvkvkvkvkvk Says:

    You want newsworthy? Not being allowed in the media at all is newsworthy. The news and media are one sided. Not being being heard, and being kept out of mainstream media is considered discrimination. The media has a liberal agenda, and conservatives just have to deal with it? When has the media ever had something positive to say about conservative evangelicals?

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