Mud and Sun Has Great Advice

You should all go have a look at her sight.  It’s great!  She’s a really good Christian.  She serves God and lives well, doing His work.  She left a coment on this web blog saying I shoudn’t let the athiests bother m so much.  And she’s right.  Athiests want to mak our lifes terrible but w don’t have to let them.

Everybody should have a look her web blog its caled Talking Religion.



  1. 1
    shidemn Says:

    I ask you to have a look at my newest posts, like My second question to Christians, i would like to hear what you say

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    Alrite I left my ansers as best as I’m able too.

  3. 3
    In God's Name Says:

    that web site is freaking awesome i like the part about the secular sabbath i’m gonna have to remember that!

  4. 4
    mudandsun Says:

    Thanks, all, for visiting my blog!

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