Funny Response To Evilution From Atheit’s

A atheit is a athiest idiot, and something else to but I can’t say it. They love to flock around an tell you your rong when you say anything about there athiet bible evilution. They don’t like that there little big lie has finally been found out and proved a lie once an for all. That makes them really angry!

Go look on the last post I did its called Debunking THEORY of evolution. The athiests swarmed like flies on something that comes out the rong side of a dog and riting all kinds of nasty name calling but they aren’t saying anything about evilution at all except they like it.

I haven’t even got started yet on all the ways its a dirty lie and they should have to pay reparations to all the good Christians they offended with this lieing garbage. Let’s have a look at there so caled answers right?

  1. He laffed at me.
  2. I responded back.
  3. Someone says their’s a bunch of transishional fossil records and he says go look on some web blog that has em all.
  4. Then he also said God didn’t reaveal the truth to Darwin, well if that’s true I dn’t have a problem with that Darwin is a jerk.
  5. Someone called me a liar and other personal insults but didn’t have anything positiv to say and didn’t even say what he think sisn’t true.  But he said one of those “doctors” I warned you about is “an idiot” well he’s smarter than whoevr rote that comment, that guy isn’t a doctor.
  6. Sam guy said Christians don’t ike the truth but I’m the only one that’s said the truth!
  7. Now the same guy still! is using swar words.
  8. Some other jerk is laughing on me, I don’t know why people think it’s funny to try your best to serve God the truth is it’s note even me he’s scared of he doesn’t like God!
  9. Spider Man is at least polite.
  10. Athiest Children At The Crack Spot says “evolution a fact not a thery” cause he doesn’t no science.
  11. Spider Man says it’s wikipedia, that libral biased den of filth.
  12. Finally there’s a good Christian here to defend the faith against this on slought.
  13. This underground guy is spreading more lies.
  14. Someone called In Gods Name reminds us of the Bible!
  15. A fake Christian sits on the fense.
  16. Crack Pack thinks Steve Colbert isn’t a sick joke and not even a funny one to.
  17. Duh.  Again.
  18. Spider Man agres with a athiest but he back tracks about wikipedia.
  19. And I remind anybody I’m the only one with facts – because al the facts prove evilution is a sham!!!

The beautifulest quote from all the athiests is this:

One more thing you ******* moron. Evolution has tons of evidence.

Ha!  Insulting Christians doesn’t proove your stupid theory all you athiests made a new religion out of.  I’m the only on that posted any facts at all!



  1. 1

    …surely this is a joke right…please…

  2. 2
    shidemn Says:

    yay, im on here twice, lol.

  3. 3
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    You didn’t post a single fact, angry.

  4. 4
    In God's Name Says:

    your right he didn’t post 1 single fact he posted about 30 of them you stupid atheist douchetard

  5. 5
    Shawna Says:

    Once apon a time this kind of deception was illegal. Then the heathens ran in and took over. Making it into the sad world we have today.

  6. 6
    Dan Says:

    Wow this has been controversial….

    If you ask me, many atheists are completely overreacting, and the “Christians” on here are also overreacting.

    Why can’t people be a bit more tolerant for once and stop chucking insults around. Before “angry” xtian starts calling me some pot smoking commie with hippie traits, I think Jesus would rather people got on and showed some tolerance/respect for each other’s beliefs than everyone constantly chucking insults at each other and being hateful.

    A little more tolerance would go a long way in this world

  7. 7
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    In God’s Name:

    Give me one fact he said that disproved evolution.

    All he did was quote people saying “It cannot be done!” and then he himself used some ad hominem and then said “It canut b dun u athiets!”

  8. 8
    shidemn Says:

    ok people settle down here, we obviously have our own opinions but damn! This gets ridiculous….who am i kidding i love to argue, resume you amusing arguments, hell ill even join in later.

  9. 9
    In God's Name Says:

    (1) there are no transitional fossils
    (2) mutations are always bad – when have you known a mutation to be a good thing or to make a person live longer?
    (3) genetics is a code and a code requires a code maker

    and what no one says is

    (4) when pressed for evidence, the atheists come up with nothing better than “http/www/some/crappy/propaganda”

    you wanna think a web site being on the glorious internets is proof of evolution, knock yerself out. and yeah, those misspellings are deliberate, i think our host is embarassing himself and the rest of us.

    but you people demand more proof than “http/www/bullshit” for anything a christian would say – it’s really crappy of you to be hypocrites and not do the same thing yourselves

  10. 10
    shidemn Says:

    alrigth In God’s Name you say any proof we have for evolution is a lie and is false. Alright im going to give you a chance to redeem yourself right now,(as soon as you see this) I want you to explain to in the best way of your knowledge with sources, all you have to do is this, make your god exist in my eyes show me he exists dont just shove your belief down my throat. If you can do that i will Start going to church, believe undeniably there is a god, and for your ammusement dress up in a damn chicken suit, hell ill even send you a picture. IN FACT THIS IS MY CHALLENGE TO ALL.

  11. 11
    In God's Name Says:

    @shidemn: atheists and liberals call what you just did “shifting the burden of proof.” that’s a “logical fallacy.”

    y’all are flapping your lips about how evolution is true, well, demonstrate that. oh, wait, you can’t. 30+ comments on 2 blog posts, and not 1 has even the slightest hint of evidence that could even suggest evolution was true.

    i thought you people were all about evidence? guess that goes out the window where evolution is concerned.

  12. 12
    In God's Name Says:

    correction, it’s more than 40 comments where nobody’s been able to demonstrate a shred of evidence or reason to support evolution.

    in case you eat lead paint, “it’s real it’s true it’s a fact” isn’t proof.

  13. 13
    alexanderthegreatest Says:

    I’ve got two questions for “In God’s Name”

    (1) You don’t find your pseudonym or handle even the least bit blasphemous? Are you sure you speak for God?

    (2) Where did you get the idea that people posting comments on a blog are obligated to educate you? You keep demanding proof of evolution’s veracity – would you also like us to prove that 2 and 2 make 4?

    Did you notice chillinatthecabstand hasn’t come up with any proof at all that Japan is a real place, or that WW2 actually happened? These atheists haven’t even proven the internet is real. So why do you want one of a small handful of people to deliver you “proof” on a silver platter of evolution?

  14. 14
    shidemn Says:

    alexanderthegreatest- good point.
    In God’s Name- ok look you, we HAVE given you multiple sources of evidense, and i wasnt “shifting the burden of proof.” i was merely trying to give you a chance to redeem your pitiful self. I have no need to show why fact is fact, but you make it such a big deal to try and say that myth i real, that sir is a “logical fallacy.”

  15. 15

    I’m confused, is this a joke? Because it doesn’t seem that funny, if so. It it isn’t a joke, may God have mercy on all our souls.

    ID has a problem with SCIENCE, not evolution.

  16. 16
    angryxtian Says:

    Yah the joke is all these people go aroudn saying evilution is supposed to be real. It’s been debunked people get over it!

  17. 17

    this is absurd

  18. 18
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    “(1) there are no transitional fossils”
    >>There are many of them – Matt posted links on the previous posts.

    “(2) mutations are always bad – when have you known a mutation to be a good thing or to make a person live longer?”
    >>It’s not flattering to be called a “mutant,” which is similar to “freak,” but mutation as evolutionary terminology just means “variation.” This is just spin.

    “(3) genetics is a code and a code requires a code maker”
    >>1. That’s irrelevant. 2. That’s bullshit.

    “(4) when pressed for evidence, the atheists come up with nothing better than “http/www/some/crappy/propaganda””
    >>That you don’t read and just chalk up as propaganda because angry and his buddies, such as yourself, are semi-illiterate.

    Angry – It hasn’t. You’ve proved (and disproved) nothing, whereas Darwinists in your comments have proved tons.

  19. 19
    shidemn Says:

    “(4) when pressed for evidence, the atheists come up with nothing better than “http/www/some/crappy/propaganda””
    >>That you don’t read and just chalk up as propaganda because angry and his buddies, such as yourself, are semi-illiterate.

    Nice Chilin!

  20. 20
    Matt Says: is a highly respected and (take careful note of this part) fully referenced site. Every thing it states is directly linked to research papers, peer reviewed articles and observations.
    Unless you want people to come around to your house as part of a travelling display exhibition, what more evidence could you possibly want?

    Of course, no one has yet to offer any evidence on why Evolution might not be true either. How odd.

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