Dawkins is Terrible!!

The obvious way to achieve this dsirable state of affairs is to induce your sexual partner to invest more than his or her fair share of resourcs in each child, leaving you free to have other children with other partners. (blah blah blah) She stands to loose more if th child dies than the father does.

Page 157 in the paperbook.  I didn’t believe it either untill I saw it in print.  Someone at church is reading a Richard Dawkins book to sea what’s inside it, I don’t know how he can stomach it but wow that’s a brave thing to do.

I always new this Dawkins guy is bad, but I can’t believe it’s this bad!  What is he a athiest or a pimp?  Is this why those libtards are so hung up on sexualized education?

How can on man be so evil?  Why does he hate society and morals so much?  And why to atheits follow him like there only little god?

Seriusly, I can’t even believe anyone would pushlish this filth.  It’s like one of those hives of immorality you see if you go through a city.

No wonder they love divorce.



  1. 1
    Forrest Says:

    If your friend is reading the book … and it sounds like (s)he made it a good portion of the way through … they must not have been paying attention the many times Dawkins points out he’s using words like should in the mathematical sense, not in terms of morality.

  2. 2
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Refer to the rebuttals on your previous post misunderstanding Dawkins, as you misunderstood him in basically the same way as you did then.

    Or intentionally misrepresented him.


  3. 3
    In God's Name Says:

    the man is working really hard to destroy America’s morality

  4. 4
    Jeff Says:

    This Dawkins guy, well, he’s not very bright. Just a note to Atheist war lords, if you’re going to attempt to destroy a people with their consent through diplomacy, to erradicate a belief, you might want to 1 be more diplomatic about it and 2 you really don’t want to open yourself up to this kind of thing.

    Truth is the Dawkins guy has some pretty freakish ideas about morality. He’s a true atheist, one who rejects all concepts of God. One of those is morality. We all know morals can’t exist outside the framework of their creator. Dawkins tries to hide that, but every now and then he reveals himself.

  5. 5
    Shawna Says:


  6. 6
    Shawna Says:

    Look the man is just evil, and his books are bad for society.

  7. 7
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Jeff, Shawna, in God’s name…

    I often get mad over the use of ad hominem by theists, but I can’t resist.

    You are all

    1. Ignorant
    2. Without any evidence
    3. Generalizing
    4. Full of shit assholes


  8. 8
    shidemn Says:

    Damn people you guys are gonna get chillin so pissed hes gonna have to take another break. Ok but seriously, why do you all complain do you think any of the great atheist writers have come lose to causing as much damage as the bible has in its time, you cannot deny it has casued it share of killings, hatred……so on

  9. 9
    Shawna Says:


    All atheists.

  10. 10
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    For the millionth time,

    1. Hitler was Catholic
    2. They did not do the things they did because of their spiritual beliefs.
    3. They are countless Christian murderers, rapists, kidnappers, etc.

    Look, every social group, theist or atheist, is going to have some bad apples.

    Reasonable people know that, which is why I don’t bring up Salem and the Crusades and what have you too much, because it isn’t an actual point.

  11. 11
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    *There are countless Christian…

  12. 12
    undergroundnetwork Says:

    Is shawna more or less ridiculous than angryxtian? Is ingodsname a drug baby? Is Jeff even more illogical than the lot of them?

    “We all know morals can’t exist outside the framework of their creator.”

    Says who? Show me, don’t just say it and then expect that to be sufficient.

    I’m sick of the idea that only Christians can be ethical. I know far too many immoral Christians for that to be true.

    Is something moral because it’s actually arguably moral, or just because sky god said so? Coz sky god says some fucked up shit. If you want to be a good Christian you better do his evil bidding. You know rape, genocide, all those moral things he demands in the old testament. You can read, can’t you angryxtian. And Jesus told his followers to leave their families and only follow him. Real family values!

  13. […] are no fossil records more than 60,000,000 years old. Dont take my word for it, its in that evil Richardo Dawkins book my frind read.  Or on Wikipeda.  Dorkins hisself said it looks just like if God made a hole […]

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