Even Kids are Destroying Evolutionists

Evolution is a fraud theory and that makes Richard Dawkins mad. These people built there house on a earthquake and now everyone can see through it.

I haven’t watched it yet because it my computer doesn’t work so good right now.



  1. 1
    shidemn Says:

    video no longer exists

  2. 2
    shidemn Says:

    never mind, typical Christian, he ignores all proof of evolution.

  3. 3
    angryxtian Says:

    Their IS NO proof of evilution.

  4. 4
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    There is tons, but after you ignored the 50 comments in your last post like this, I think we’ve just thrown up our hands in frustration, saying “He’s just not reading our comments!”

  5. 5
    shidemn Says:

    Alright Xian, lets do the same thing to you…there (notice the proper grammar) IS NO proof of god

  6. 6
    angryxtian Says:

    Your right there’s no prof of God that’s why He set it up like that to for faith.

    I red your coments but nobody posted a singel thing about any kind of prof of evolution. You people wrote half of em you know as well me thats true.

  7. 7
    Jeff Says:

    For the record I saw a lot of things pretending to be proof of evolution that really didn’t hold up under scrutiny.

  8. 8
    Daniel Says:

    What kind of nutty sycophant is your God if he feels compelled to test everyone’s faith all the time? I thought he loved us unconditionally? If I played head-games to test my girlfriend, who I love, it would show I had some issues with self worth. So I guess God is insecure that we don’t love him. But why should we? He commits genocide several times in the Old Testament, strikes a man dead for masturbating, condones slavery, and leads an entire race of people into the middle of the desert to wander aimlessly, all as punishment for their lack of faith. In the New Testament, he’s suddenly all Ike Turner on us: No wait, everyone, I’m sorry, I love you! I mean, if you want to worship Ike Turner, go for it, but he’ll just break your heart again …

  9. 9
    Quasarsphere Says:

    Oh my God, VenomFangX.

    The thing with what he’s saying here is, with the logic he’s using, then there’s no problem with humans evolving from a chimp-like species.

    What did you start with? A hominid. What did you end with? A hominid.

    A different species of hominid, sure, but still a hominid.

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