Stupid Athiest Attacking Christians

It got reported in Fox News, a woman calld Joy Morris said all the saints are crazy.

“Suggesting that holiness of life is equivalent to a mental disorder as Ms. Behar did is rather unbalanced to say the least,” Morris said.

“Nobody is beatified or canonized because they hear voices. People are declared saints because they have first of all exemplified a heroic living of Christian virtue.”

As for Behar’s characterization of Mother Teresa, Morris said the talk-show host would do well to study the humanitarian’s life.

“Clearly she is no church historian. Saying ‘she didn’t believe 100 percent’ is a simplistic and superficial reading of the news,” said Morris. “Why would you spend 60 years in a slum in the name of Jesus out of love for God if you don’t believe in Jesus or God 100 percent?”

This is a example of Christianity under attack by modern secular athiests.



  1. 1
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Thank non-existent god that atheists are fighting back.

    By the way, Mother Teresa was a cruel sadist and Fox News is full of shit.

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    Shows how diluded and brainwashed you athiests are.

  3. 3
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Ok, I’ll be fair – show how what I said was wrong.

    With evidence, please.

  4. 4
    undergroundnetwork Says:

    Brainwashed by who? There exists no atheist institution that has for centuries gathered up all the children and forced them to listen to sermons every Sunday. There is no organised atheist movement of considerable numbers, no mobilised lobbying force in any country.

    So when you speak of this atheist brainwashing, who is behind it? Who has the strength to ensure that society becomes secular in the face of such strong lobbying by religious groups. Particularly in the US, where the population is overwhelmingly Christian, your President is an evangelical, and the religious right is arguably the strongest lobbying force in your nation, what strength can an atheist movement have.

    So what are you scared of? How can so few atheists scare the shit out you so much when the Christian lobby groups in America succeed in marginalising atheism?

    I suppose the one thing that scares you is that atheists have truth on their hands. Even Fox news can not completely silence the truth. And all across the world people are waking up to the truth. Atheism is fast becoming the most common response to religious questions in censuses. The last New Zealand census was the first that Anglicanism was in the minority. Atheism was on the rise, big time.

    Oh no angry, could it occur in America? Could the states be next? Better get into damage control!

  5. 5
    Ryan Says:

    Honeslty, it’s pathetic that you people (Oh my Gosh, did I say you people? Oh wait, yeah, I did.) actually sign up to a website to attack someone. This guy isn’t very well informed in most of his information (The creator of this site) and he doesn’t deserve his own site for how much intelligence he’s lacking and causing people to hate Christians more… At the same time, how ignorant of you guys to think you’re making a difference to him, or anyone else who reads his site and likes him.

  6. 6
    shidemn Says:

    how did you get reported on fox your not even in that article?

  7. 7
    undergroundnetwork Says:


    I cannot of course speak for everyone, but I don’t think anyone who comments on this blog thinks they can change Angry’s mind, nor do they intend to. I personally do not consider anything I have say to have the ability to sway someone who has clearly years of indoctrination. Neither do I attack him, I attack his ideas, which is a notable distinction. Sure, to a large degree we are what we believe, but your ideas are not something that are innate or you are born with, they are something you come across in life. I myself feel Angry has been exposed to some pretty caustic ideas, and although I don’t expect to change his mind, there is nothing wrong with presenting sound counter arguments for him to consider. Perhaps our replies serve to ensure that the ideas that are presented here are countered, to provide readers of this site sound rebuttals to some of the abhorrent things said on this blog.

    There is nothing pathetic about debating ideas, although perhaps this isn’t always the best forum for such debates and all too often turns to pathetic name calling. There are of course more serious debates online that many of us participate in, I think many who frequent this site are just keen for laugh!

    I must agree though that some things Angry says are more offensive to Christians, than they could be to atheists, who consider them to ridiculous to take serious!

  8. 8
    undergroundnetwork Says:

    Oh, and I just read the Fox article.

    Angry, you did notice the lady was a Catholic, didn’t you?
    Because Catholics aren’t atheists. They’re Christians. So you might want to amend the title of this post!

  9. 9
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    So, you gonna give me your evidence yet, angry?

  10. 10

    So much is assumed when the name of Mother Teresa is mentioned. For most people, all that is good, true, and beautiful, is embodied in her. There is much to praise in the life of Mother Teresa and those who believe otherwise are sadly misinformed or brutally bias against the evidence. That said, as a Catholic, I do not believe Mother Teresa is a Saint.

    Mother Teresa’s “dark night” is based on the presupposition that she was holy. Therefore, her “dark night” is interpreted as a true sanctifying dark night of a Saint. But is that truly the case? Is her life being interpreted correctly? Mother Teresa said, “There is so much contradiction in my soul” (Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, 169). Perhaps, it was this kind of contradiction to which she was referring, “There are millions who live in Indian cities and villages in ignorance of God and of Christ, in abominable sinfulness. We shall bring them to Christ and Christ to them” (Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, 116). But then said taught, “We never try to convert those who receive [aid from Missionaries of Charity] to Christianity but in our work we bear witness to the love of God’s presence and if Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, or agnostics become for this better men—simply better—we will be satisfied” (Mother Teresa: The Case for The Cause, 47). She wanted to preach, “The Kingdom must be preached to all” (Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, 133). But the kingdom she preached was, “I convert you to be a better Hindu, a better Catholic, Muslim, Jain, or Buddhist” (Mother Teresa: The Case for The Cause, 4).

    If St. John of the Cross or St. Teresa of Avila read Mother Teresa’s words in the last paragraph, it is safe to say they would not conclude that her words were the words of a Saint who experienced the dark night of the soul.

    I believe the common presupposition of Mother Teresa’s “dark night” must give way to a new interpretation of her person. I am sorry for any pain my words and the information I am presenting may be causing some readers. I will leave you with this consolation. St. Thomas Aquinas said, “the lover is not satisfied with a superficial apprehension of the beloved, but strives to gain an intimate knowledge of everything pertaining to the beloved, so as to penetrate into his very soul” (Summ. Theol., la. 2ae., q. 28, a. 2). Accordingly, anyone who loves Mother Teresa cannot desire to represent her other than who she really was.

  11. 11
    theism Says:

    Have we forgotten that Mother Teresa lost her faith in the existence of gods?

  12. 13
    Ken Says:

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  13. 14
    Sad Says:

    However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

    Explain this in the bible?
    Wait… you can’t… or you will say (its old testement that was written by god the all knowning)

    So you own a slave?

  14. 15
    Melanie Stefyn Says:

    Ken, I learned to put a period at the end of each sentence in First Grade. That way we could understand where one idea ends and another one starts. But it’s all double talk to you isn’t it.

  15. 16
    Melanie Stefyn Says:

    God is the head of the “Atheist Church”. God may love Atheists more than he cares for Christians. God thinks that Christains think they know more than Atheists. One problem with Christians is that they lack common sense.
    Example: If the Romans wrote in Revelation that Jesus would return in the clouds riding a pig. They would believe it. Yes, they would. Cause someone told them that the bible is the word of God, and they bought it. It would never ever dawn on them that pigs can’t fly.
    Now God may show favor to the Atheists, cause they used their brains to determine that some things in the bible just don’t make sense.

    Another example: Jesus gets out of the boat and walks on water. One of his disciples gets out of the boat and starts to walk on water too, but he starts it sink because he has lost faith. Here we have the Romans telling you that if you just have enough faith, you to can walk on water. Now people, use your brain here. NO matter how much you believe that you can walk on water or fly, it just isn’t going to happen.

    And Yes, there could be more Atheists in Heaven than Christains. Really why would God want a whole bunch of Dumb Dumbs in Heaven? Then Christians think they are better than Atheists. They says stuff like Atheists go to Hell, Ha, Ha, Ha, I am going to Heaven and you’re going to Hell, Ha, Ha, ha. I’m going to Heaven and you’re going to Hell. I’m going to Heaven and your going to Hell.

    What: I think that is funny, is this: I would like to see the faces of some of those Christians in the next life when they find themselves not in HEaven after all. The Atheists are going to be chanting, “I’m in Heaven and your in Hell” Ha, ha, de, he, he, ha, ha. I’m in Heaven and your in Hell. Ha, ha, de, he, he ! ! ! !

    God talked to me so I know. You don’t have to believe in Jesus or God to gain eternal life.

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