Hell Is A Real Place

A lot of athiests tell me they don’t like God’s law like they want to sit in judgement of things they don’t understand. They keep saying how in a perfect world accordian to their own ideas ( communism and legalize drugs, most of em want to take our guns away to ) that Christian would be dangerous.

But it’s not there idea of a perfect world. We have ot keep America safe from Muslims around the world who want to attack us. Especially in Iran and Iraq to. Espeically now that we’re finally starting to win. They just want to throw in the towel and loose. But I’m getting side tracked.

Critics of this web blog like to point out how its easier to just not follow God’s law. Why not get a divorce and practice lewdness and use drugs if it sutes you. And they say why should Christians worry about all th sin and wrong in the world. Why should we work against slavery today and sexual slavery? Why should we voluntere to make the world a better place?

What these people don’t undrstand is everything we’re doing is to save them from Hell.  I don’t understand why the foolish reject that?

I know liberals hate everything, so they probably want people to go to Hell out of there anger.



  1. 1
    Matt Says:

    Wow! So all Atheists are communists, druggies and gun hating hippies, hm? In case you hadn’t noticed, some of those things are oddly mutually exclusive to each other.

    Guns? Well, Americans have shown that they’re not really grown up enough to handle them responsibly quite yet. But that has nothing to do with Atheism.

    The rest of it is a rather silly appeal to morality, the same old argument shot down so many times before. You know what? It would be easier to live under the rules of some deity or another but that doesn’t make it true. Instead, humankind is on it’s own to figure out life, the universe and everything.

    You obviously are unaware that altruism is not a human specific trait, certainly not a religious-person only characteristic. It has been observed in animals such as primates, dolphins and breeds of parrots countless times. They don’t even have a concept of god in their relatively tiny little minds, so try explaining that one.

    I have to admit, though. The more I see of this blog, the more inclined I am that it is some sort of parody.

  2. 2
    Christine Says:

    Hell is real regardless of point of view. I have experienced Demons and the paranormal. It is not a good experience. I don’t beleive all persons who are not Christian are bad or immoral. I know a lot of good persons who are moral and upstanding citizens. But, the real point is God does not send anyone to hell, everyone chooses this themselves.” John 14:6 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. ” This is the only way to the Father. Jesus died to take our sins. The way he is able to pardon our sins if; we accept this truth and ask him into our lives and ask pardon from him for our sins. Then he takes our our place for our sin, as the penalty for sin is death. So if you don’t let Jesus take your sin away for you., then it remains with you. The penalty for sin is death. That is why Jesus died. He had taken our penalty of death for all who want Eternal Life. This is the only way into heaven. God cannot have sin in heaven. No Christian is perfect, but those who live their faith to best of their ability are probably living alot better than we would without the help of God. I’m sure a lot of lovely persons are out there. I hope this will clarify the reason and need of Jesus in a persons life.

  3. 3
    shidemn Says:

    I did a new post on liberals, and conservative

  4. 4
    undergroundnetwork Says:

    Shit Angry, match made in heaven, check out Christine’s post! Get your head out of the clouds and concern yourself with what occurs on earth! If we are good people, why would your god allow us to suffer? And when you refer to the bible, why should any of us consider it credible or even important? Please, I don’t mean to be arrogant, but think about what you are saying!

    Let’s play pretend for a moment and imagine hell is real. Should I sell out my inquisitive thought and intellect and opt for blind faith so that I can spend eternity with God, Jesus, the pope and Angryxtian, or live a happy fulfilling life where I have to make ethical decisions on my own and live to my full potential as a human, and spend eternity in hell with the devil (who could be a nice guy after as God and him are not mates anymore so how impartial is he really?) and all my favourite musicians, friends, authors, theorists, leaders, and comedians.

    So yes Christine, I am choosing it for myself. Man I’m going to HELL!

    But none of it is true so I’m going to live happily ever after, in my cognitive dissonance free zone!

  5. 5
    teashock Says:

    To Matt: Lots of unsuported assumptions in your comment and no links to supporting evidence for altruistic behaviour in animals, indeed the Bible tells us that animals do have a concept of God in their tiny minds.

    To Christine: check out http://www.thegoodtest.net

    To undergroundnetwork: Check out the website above too and if you really want an answer to why you should believe the Bible you should check it out with an open mind and see the many infallible proofs that it is the Word of God, start with Bible prophecy, get your own Bible and look up Bible Prophecy on google and go from there.
    Biblical Christianity is not a blind faith relegion Jesus told us the scriptures told of Him so He expected us to read them and see if it is true for ourselves. The same with the apostle Paul who reasoned from the scriptures about how Christ must die and be resurrected.
    Sadly it is highly unlikley that if you go to heaven that you would spend eternity with the Pope or any other hypocrites as they will all be in another place with everyone else who has choosen debased rebellion to the creator & provider of all.
    What athiests have is blind faith, very blind indeed.

  6. 6
    digirak Says:

    Can You explain hell to me?
    I am just curious, it irks me to think that hell has been a concept which has scared people into trying to be moral, which of course in itself is a very vague concept. To put forth very simply, I am not able to look at sins as wrong or passions as something to despise. I don see the world going anywhere without things like passion and desire. Honestly speaking these are as necessary to the world as life itself.

    Which brings me to another question, Do you consider the Devil good or bad. If hes bad then do u think u would be able to recognise God without him. So by parallel reasoning the Devil is as important as God

  7. 7
    Ken Says:

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  8. 8
    luopjiggy Says:

    Your spelling is atrocious. By the way, I have a gun, don’t enjoy living in a communist nation, and have never done any drugs in my life.

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