There Are No Athiests in Fox Holes

If I did not believe in God, I should still want my doctor, my lawyer and my banker to do so.

G. K. Chesterton



  1. 1
    Robert Says:

    Pretty sure there are atheists in fox holes. In fact those front line atheists are sueing you Christians for trying to oppress them:

    I’d rather have an atheist doctor than a Christian scientist doctor, an atheist banker than a Wahhabi banker and as for the lawyer – screw that you can have them.

  2. 2
    theism Says:

    I don’t know any living person who would allow themselves to be treated by a doctor who doesn’t believe in evolution.

  3. 3
    shidemn Says:

    I much rather have an atheist doctor, i dont want a foolish christian doctor leaving me cut open saying god will do the rest.

  4. 4
    teashock Says:

    To robert: That guy was not in a fox hole, go read up on WWI and WWII and see what this statement actually refers to.

    To theism: Hello, now you do.

    To shidemn: You display your ignorance once again, why don’t you go find out what a real Christian is before you go tarring everyone with a brush you just made up. Although you are entitled to your preference for an athiest doctor you are not entitled not to be corrected on your assumptive statement.

  5. 5
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Actually, there are many in foxholes. Dawkins has a thing on his website for them to converge.

  6. 6
    theism Says:

    Teashock … I hope you can forgive me a bit of amazement at this revelation you’ve shared with me. It’s a little difficult to understand, though; I wonder if you could share your reasoning with me as well?

    Why would you put your life in the hands in hands of someone who doesn’t believe that bacteria is evolving resistance to antibiotics…? ( I hope you have a better answer than the worthlessness of life – too common this goes with immortality in the supposed next world. )

  7. 7
    Ken Says:

    That was not in a jam go accept up on and and see what this saying truly to

    You proclaim your unconsciousness once again why you go find out what a unaffected is before you go everyone with a kiss you flush made up Although you are to your partiality for an revamp you are not not to be on your probable saying

  8. 8
    angryxtian Says:

    I dont understand wat your trying to say Ken.

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