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Gay Agenda Closed as Immoral

May 30, 2008

Well I hate to admit those Muslim Extremeists in Turkey have something right that we could learn from but its true.  They’re closing down on gay groops as imoral and against the laws of decency.

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, MAY 29 – A Turkish court ruled today the closure of the only gay rights association in Turkey after the prosecutor had said it violated the family protection and public morality laws, Turkish agency Anadolu reported. The agency added that the ruling was issued by a court in the Beyoglu district, in Istanbul’s centre, against the LambdaIstanbul group set up in 1993. Three years ago, the deputy governor of Ankara asked for the closure of the ‘Kaos’ association in which gays and lesbians living in the Turkish capital had joined, calling for the application of a norm which bans associations “against the law and morality”. However, the Ankara prosecutor rejected the request. Unlike the other Muslim states, homosexuality has never been a crime in Turkey, but is surrounded by a widespread social criticism with the exception of Istanbul’s European districts where there are various places of meeting reserved for homosexuals, without this sparking off scandal. Nevertheless, there are no laws for protecting the homosexuals from discrimination. (ANSAmed).
2008-05-29 18:10

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Fossil People Footprints And Dinosaurs Found Together

May 28, 2008

Well this proves Creation, doesn’t it?  It showes that people and dinosaurs lived together.  Probly they were running to catch Noah’s Ark, that’s what it says in the paper.

Well if dinosors were killed 80 million years ago by a comet or whatever, and mamels showed up like 5 milion years ago, it would be impossible for them to walk togethr.  But they did, and the fossil record shows it.  This proofs evolution is false, and the “naturalistics” opinion is false.

Could they be mad later?  Sure, I wondered that to when I heard about it.  Only, these were made in the mud, and mud drys real fast.  So it couldn’t be.

Sciene is proving Christianity.
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Onward Christian Soldier

May 26, 2008

Violence in Iraq is at a four year lowe, because we’re winning the war in Iraq.  The number of atacks is down every weak, and our police is working over there.  The defeatocrats were chearing for us to loose for the last five years, and we’r proving them wrong.  Never elect a democrat – we can see they were wrong all this time!

It’s happy Iraq children.

Iraq violence falls to four-year low

Is Dawkins Is Gay

May 24, 2008

You can tell by his voice whil Bill Orielly tears him to peaces like a littel boy.

The Linux Is Anti-American

May 23, 2008

You know we have a pretty tolerating soceity, maybe to much. We let the librals celebrate in there abortion clinics. The gays have sex out in the streets and sicewalks in places like Boston and San Frangaysco. We have divorces and defeatocrat murderer Ted Kennedy is is power. This kind of liberal behavior shouldn’t be legal while America is at war.Lenin cleans up filth of the world

Capitaliasm is our best weapon, that killed the Soviets. They were a much worser enemy than today’s terrorists are, and JFK couldn’t take it. He ran home with his tail between his legs, and couldn’t even get a fat guy in Cuba. Thanks to Kennedy, the Russians almost destroyd us. We had to live in fear of a nuke bomb, all the time! It would fal out of the sky and people used to hid under there desks. It was a scary time.

Mac and Windows are great American products. They make lots of American jobs, and we’re still ahead of the commies. But a growing movement wants to end these American jobs and give them to pot smoker computer geeks who do computer programming “for the hobby of it.” These are people who are unemploydable for there personality, so they want to punish Americans who contribute something to society.

That sounds to simplefied, but it’s the truth. The guy who invented linux, he’s a billionare. But don’t ask him for any money though, if your a starving kid, he’ll give you a CD with linux on it. Thanks, that really helps the world – that’s sarcasm since its hard to tell on the internet.

But if you realy half to us linux for some wierd reason even though Macs dont get virueses to, use Christian linux!
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Grandma Behind Bars 4 Hate Crimes

May 22, 2008

Wow this is so depressing you have to see it and then we figure out what todo. Christians are beeng silenced and harased and discrimated against all over America!

People are being arrested for reading the BIBLE! Hate crimes is a new pop culture word in law, they say it and its like they have all the power ther is. It’s ilegal for students in Texas to talk about Jesus at Christmas, to protect some kinda religious freedom or whatever. They wouldn’t even let some poor little girl sind about God at the talent show, how mean is that? Its cause secular athiests hate children.

A bunch of lezbians sued to force a church to marry them. Just goes to show you what’s happening to America. Being pulled don the toilet by a the librals.

Even a Canadian Christian went to jail for hait crimes cause he sent a letter to the editor of his newspaper.

How come this sacred crusad of the seculars where they want to hide religion from the children only applys to Jesus? You can put all the Islam in the classoom you want, and they don’t mind that. Only Christianity they want to tell us is bad.

Her’s a quote:

Episode 3: Grandmas Behind Bars Trailer “Hate crime” is the new buzzword in law enforcement. But how is “hate” being defined? Learn how this legislation targets thought and freedom of speech that could make it illegal to believe in “Truth” or even quote the Bible.

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Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead: Ted Kennedy

May 21, 2008

Title says it all.  Here he is with the king of Russia:

Ted Kennedy is the one onn the far right.

What Are These New Web Blogs???!?!?!/

May 20, 2008

I don’t know what the heck these ar, but there in my dashboard! It makes it really hard to figure out how to do anything. When I’m loking at the site or someone elses weeb blog to make a coment, I can’t just go to my dashboard I have to find the real one in a menu! Now evrything inside is complicated and hart to find.

I think maybe my web blog got hacked by militant athiests. The fundamentalist ones that take after Dawkins and Richard Hichens.
I dont know what’s going on I don’t know how this hapened and I don’t know how to fix it. I heard you can delete it like how Paul Jubb’s exelent web blog, but they even hid that!
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Global Warming Glacier Hoax – They Don’t Know

May 19, 2008

There are like 140,000 gaciers in the world and scientists studyd 40. That’s not much! But they still wanna tell us a few glaciers is melting its the end of the world were all gonna die!!

Hillary Clinton Fails, Gonna Quit Senate

May 18, 2008

She lost to a gangsta rapper and now she can’t just go back to the senate cuz everyone there went for Obama instead. This is greaet! The Clintons are finally done in politics! No more ruining America’s good name in the oval orafice!

Ostensibly, she’d return to the Senate to continue doing the same thing she’s done since she first took office back in 2000. After all, that’s what John Kerry did, right?

With Clinton, the answer might not be so simple. By mid-summer, the Senator from New York may find herself in somewhat of an awkward position. She’ll be returning to a position that most of her supporters, colleagues, and aides agree that she only took as a stepping-stone on her way to the White House, which she ultimately will have failed to accomplish.

She’ll be returning to a chamber where more of her colleagues backed her chief rival than did her- and let’s not mince words: the Clinton’s haven’t earned the reputation as the most forgiving of political teams.

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Westboro Baptist Church

May 17, 2008

chillinatthecabstand Says:

Out of curiosity, what do you think of the Westboro Baptist Church?’


I dunno.  I think they probably should have respect for the solders.  I mean even if the guys are up in heaven with God now, there families just lost there son, right?  That’s still hard to deel with.  The solders are American Heros.  God didn’t kill them, Iraq terrorists did.  There right that God hates the homosexual lifestyle of Hollywierd, but I don’t think He punishes the world by taking his own Chosen People.  He sent AIDS to the world to and we can see the gay agenda is a unhealthy lifestyle.

I guess what I think of the Westborough Baptist Church is I respect what there trying to do, but its wrong to blame God for what the terrorists are doing.
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No Inteligence Allowed At School

May 17, 2008

We shouldn’t of let Michele Moore back from Cuba.  He likes communism so much he can stay there.  Ben Stien should make all our documentaries from now on.  He’s honest!

Liberals Hate Free Spech

May 16, 2008

News: I defeated chillinatthecabstand!

May 15, 2008

It says he found the power of God in the world and he’s stupped being a sinful athiest! It’s great! God saved one more!