Thank God 4 Reaching Other Christians!

This makes me feel inspired:

teashock |
Keep up the good work Angry!
As you can see the reason that self-proclaimed “liberals”, and I use the word liberally, choose not to believe in God is because they are wicked.
Beyond any human redemption, they need a divine rescue, as were you or I in our previous state.
However it is fully within any individuals options to choose not to believe in God and they can go right on not believeing right up to Judgement Day where they will have to face that God and give an answer for every idle word and every sinful action they have ever spoken or performed.
I regularly go on the streets to witness and also in my daily work life. I am happy to share the truth with anyone and although I am saddened by those who reject the truth I fully acknowledge that that is their perogative.
What does get up my nose is when those very same “tolerant” people turn around and in an intolerant, closed-minded and relegious manner tell me or any Christian that we do not have the right to our own beliefs if they align with biblical Christianity. Or that we do not have the right to voice them while they have a double standard which allows them to self-righteously shove their relegion (yes athiesim is a relegion as it requires faith to believe) down the throat of us or our children without wanting or having a right to refuse to be assimilated.
To “liberal christians” attacking this post I say read the letter of Jesus to Laoidacea (my spelling may be wrong here). Actually the people criticising this post and claiming christianity need to go for a reality check as they appear to be mainly cultural christians without any foundation in the truth. If you love your neighbor you will drag them away from that cliff edge, or at the very least plead with them to turn around and not walk off the edge, no matter how much abuse thay throw at you. That is not as the world loves, but it is as Jesus loves. If you don’t agree, then why did He have to die?

To those of you who are choosing to ignore the actual content of real argument here, the Bible already told us about you it says that you are “wilfully ignorant” – yep, that’s right – “Dumb on purpose” as Kent Hovind puts it.
If you choose to interpret these genuine truths in a way that seems right to you remember that the Bible also tells us of this too! “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death”.
It’s amazing how this God in whom many choose not to believe has already anticipated all the “arguments” that will be used against his Holy name and nature and has written all the rebuttals anyone needs before the time.
Funny ey? Must be hard to do that when you don’t exist? Or maybe it’s a proof.
Do you really believe non-theists think the appendix isn’t a very intelligent design because … blah blah blah
Believeing something does not make it real. Lack of understanding is called ignorance. An uninformed opinion is just that, an opinion, nothing more. Remember the tonsils!

And angry be encouraged as all the ad-hominem attacks against spelling just shows that your detractors don’t actually have anything but empty schoolyard bully tactics. Ah the imaturity displayed!
Remember, stand and when all is done to still stand.
Take a stand all those who are born of the spirit.

Are you a good person?



  1. 1

    Teashock is right about several things. Constantly pointing out spelling errors is getting childish. I think Angryxtian’s attention to spelling is common knowledge by now.

    As for the name-calling, I don’t like the way Angryxtian refers to people with differing beliefs from his, but for his audience to respond in turn is self degrading.

    However, Angryxtian, there is one point where I strongly disagree with Teashock: I do not see you doing a good work. I have already pointed out multiple times how you have been presenting a hurtful witness of the Gospel, and you have not yet even bothered to contradict me, much less provide a biblical basis for your ungracious conduct.

  2. 2
    theism Says:

    Ironically, if America saw more people of the cloth who behaved like Chris Johnson, and less like Angry … he would have a lot less to be upset over. Unhelpful as it might be, a lot of what people call “atheist fundamentalism” ( a funny term if there ever was one! ) is a frustrated response to fire-breathers like Angry Xtian. Reasonable people have a way of talking about their differences without being disrespectful … then everyone has a chance to learn something, and, if possible, a little bit of ignorance is vanished from the world.

    Instead, we’ve got one, blogger is the least offensive term I can think of, playing to the stereotype, getting it applied to others, and going on the attack from behind the keyboard. Fortunately you aren’t actually hurting anybody … but you’re managing to stir up a lot of animosity, Angry.

  3. 3
    virvarksteaks Says:

    Dear AngryXtian
    You are not ignorant, you are stupid. Ignorant people may still have the ability to learn, you clearly don’t. And please fix the spelling of “atheist”, you moron. If you think atheist have been bullying you – fuck you! You ain’t seen nothing yet. You ‘Xtians’ (WTF read morons) have been bullying us for the last 2000 years, your time is up. We’re really gonna start fucking you up big time now, you son of a smelly turd. And I’m referring to your biological as well as ‘heavenly’ parents here. We’re coming for you, we’ve had enough of your shit. If you don’t accept science, then throw away your cellphone, car, tv and all the other stuff that was brought to you by science, and go live in a tree, where your philosophy belongs. Now fuck off.

  4. 4
    angryxtian Says:

    Why are athiests so mad and threatining and violent, viras?

  5. 5
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    We usually aren’t, but you have a way of pissing off everyone of every faith.

  6. 6
    angryxtian Says:

    I’m just defending God’s light just like Paul Jubb or anyone else but your persecuting me.

  7. 7
    ruarris Says:

    are you sure we’re not crucifying you? 0_o

    bah-dum chshhhh
    good night folks, that joke is on the house.

  8. 8

    Chillin, I don’t always agree with you, but you just gave a really great summary!

  9. 9
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Thanks, Chris.

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