Athiests Hate Nature

More prof this whole “blogal warming” charade is nothing but a back door tax. How do the libral athiests even say this junk with a strate face? Athiests hate God, and they hate His creation. So they tell the world there working to save it from a invisible menace only they can see is wrong!!

Here’s a good quote:

The major “sin” for the global warmists is CO2. The Kyoto treaty is meant to reduce the amount of this gas so as, they say, to reduce the degree of warming and eventually return us to some stable climate system. If we look at the historical situation, however, this is cause for alarm. For one thing, there has never been a stable climate system. For another, the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is near its historic low. In the long run, the greatest danger is too little rather than too much CO2. There has been a long-term reduction of CO2 throughout the 4.5-billion-year history of the Earth. If this tendency continues, eventually our planet may become as lifeless as Mars.

Glaciation has prevailed for 90% of the last several million years. Extreme cold. Biting cold. Cold too intense for bikinis and swimming trunks. No matter what scary scenarios global-warming enthusiasts dream up, they pale in comparison with the conditions another ice age would deliver. Look to our past climate. Fifteen thousand years ago, an ice sheet a kilometer and a half thick covered all of North America north of a line stretching from somewhere around Seattle to Cleveland and New York City.

Instead of reducing CO2, we should, perhaps, be increasing it.

Back to my pint. Seriously, when as the last time you saw a athiest enjoying the grate outdoors?  Never happens!  They’re to busy on Linsy Lohan and Britney Spears.  Thy don’t have time to sea Creation when they have the gay agenda.  What the heck do these people care about this so called “global warning” invisible thing anyway?  They don’t, it’s just a scam.



  1. 1
    Marshall10101 Says:

    I’m a pagan, which you being of the facist Christian fire-and-brimstone sort will probably believe to be a devil-worshipper, so before you quote scripture at me and say I’m evil. I do not believe in the devil, not as a physical or metaphysical being. So up yours.

    You say Atheists hate your god. Not true, what atheists do tend to hate is fundamentalist theists (of any religion and creed) blabbering on about how everybody else is scum. Atheists are perfectly content to leave any religious person to their crackpot beliefs (many of which are present in forms of paganism shall admit, so don’t bother hitting me with that one) as long as aforementioned religious nuts leave them be.

    By this token, you refer to the Earth as “His creation” which is a perfectly fair thing to do considering your ideology, however saying Atheists hate it is just plain stupid. Where else do these atheists live? Pluto? To be more correct, one could assume that “His creation” is the orthodox Christian establishment, which indeed disheartens any self-thinking person and you would be right in saying that Christians despise the facist community that often resides within the bible-belt and other areas across the globe.

    And whether you believe Global warming to be the result of high levels of Carbon Dioxide in the air, or a natural occurrence – you can’t deny that it is indeed happening.

    Atheists enjoy the great outdoors all the time. Are you seriously suggesting that the only people who venture outside are bible-bashing nuts? Well, if it is true, can you blame them for staying indoors?

    So you can shove your complaints up your jacksie, and while you’re at it take another read of your precious bible, see if you can notice any of the contradictions.

    “An it harm non do what ye will” – Wiccan moral code.

  2. 2
    shidemn Says:

    Frank, how can you not believe in evolution, your blog is easily evidence of de-evolution, your posts were to begin with terrible conservative garbage, and on a good day one might print out a page to wipe their ass with it. But Frank seriously you are slipping so far, “Seriously, when as the last time you saw a athiest enjoying the grate outdoors? Never happens!” That is the easily the stupidest quote i have ever read from your blog, atheists are everywhere you moron, yes Frank that means outside too. Any who we dont enjoy the great outdoors, STUPID, i love going outside and just laying in the grass, and camping…etc.

  3. 3
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    You’re right, Frank! I never go outside except to collect some virgin Christian babies to sacrifice to the god of atheism, Richard Dawkins and spread lies about the climate and origin and species. You got me!

  4. 4
    shidemn Says:

    chilin- holy shit….wait….shit! he’s on to us, lol

  5. 5
    angryxtian Says:

    I think your being sarcastic about kidnaping babys?

  6. 6
    undergroundnetwork Says:

    He’s not being sarcastic, Frank, us atheists love kidnapping babies for sacrifice! Just like how true Christians love anal sex with corpses, Muslims are partial to eating the brains of pygmies, Jews like to burn alive cats, Buddhists self mutilate their genitals and Hindus like to play lead guitar in in Buddy Holly cover bands. Don’t you know ANYTHING!

    Oh and Frank, once again, another great post. You’ve really outdone yourself again. Moron.

  7. 7
    shidemn Says:

    underground- genius comment just simply genius

  8. 8
    Forrest Says:

    Have you lost your mind? Where on earth did you get the idea any one religion or sect has some kind of a monopoly on going outside? Have you ever heard of people called Nomads? Have a look at these:

    Big Basin State Park, California
    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    Toiga Lake, Yosemite National Park, California
    Glacier National Park, Montana
    Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington

    Do you see any hint of being outside in any of these? I wouldn’t have stuck around to make the second if I didn’t enjoy the first … so clearly people who don’t believe in deities can “enjoying the grate outdoors.”

    Humans evolved outdoors. You’re trying to claim something innate in humans – a group that transcends any particular religion.

  9. 9
    shidemn Says:

    I did a post on this post…hmm.

  10. 10
    undergroundnetwork Says:


    Did you take those? Have they been photo shopped? If not, well done, they look incredible!

    Everyone should make a point to have at look at those shots, they’re really good.


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