A Girl What Loves Jesus

Noticed how this girl is still alive when the on who got a boob job was killed by the implants.  Instead.  This girl knows a wisdom athiests will never know.  Here’s her blog that impresed me it’s at http://micey.wordpress.com/2007/03/29/195/ and you should visit it to be reminded there are still good Christians in the world left still.

This brot a tear to my eyes:

if it wasn’t for Jesus living in me, i wouldn’t be the person i am… other people don’t always get that… whenever good stuff happens in my life now i thank God and then i’ll get some comment saying i should take the credit… but i can’t because every good thing in my life is from Him… even if it was something i accomplished, i accomplished it because He allowed me to or made me capable… i help people now for the glory of God, because it is what pleases Him and it’s the least i can do to say thank You for saving my sorry life…

Wow now that’s some moving poetry for Jesus.

And notice how He made her a beter person!



  1. 1
    scaryreasoner Says:

    Yeah. Christians NEVER die. Everybody knows that.

    What a retarded post.

    You might as well have written:

    Jesus loves big boobs. That’s why he called the girl with the boob job to heaven early, while he let the other girl die of old age and get to heaven or hell or whatever, whenever. You know, who cares. Not like she had big boobs or something.

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    Why do you hate God so much and love blasphemy.

    You rote what libtards call a scare crow arguement, and then pout.

    Why can’t you just see the beauty in what that girl rote?

  3. 3
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Ha! Beauty…

    I’m with scary reasoner.

    Also, I read her post and it was just plain stupid.

  4. 4
    shidemn Says:

    scary reasoner- nice comment, it made me laugh, and surely made frank mad, nice job.

  5. 5
    angryxtian Says:

    What 1 of you punks is pertending to be scary reason?

  6. 6
    angryxtian Says:

    And the more important question why do you jerks hat this girl just because she’s a Good Christian?

  7. 7
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    Why do you love her just because she’s jockriding your beliefs?

  8. 8
    chillinatthecabstand Says:

    “What 1 of you punks is pertending to be scary reason?”

    Not me, punk. None of us, actually. Atheists like myself aren’t like the Christian bloggers you idolize; we don’t think very highly of fraud and probably wouldn’t disguise ourselves like that.

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