Westboro Baptist Church

chillinatthecabstand Says:

Out of curiosity, what do you think of the Westboro Baptist Church?’


I dunno.  I think they probably should have respect for the solders.  I mean even if the guys are up in heaven with God now, there families just lost there son, right?  That’s still hard to deel with.  The solders are American Heros.  God didn’t kill them, Iraq terrorists did.  There right that God hates the homosexual lifestyle of Hollywierd, but I don’t think He punishes the world by taking his own Chosen People.  He sent AIDS to the world to and we can see the gay agenda is a unhealthy lifestyle.

I guess what I think of the Westborough Baptist Church is I respect what there trying to do, but its wrong to blame God for what the terrorists are doing.

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    SWong Says:

    i just made a blog site for people letting them know that WBC is coming to our home, Hawaii.



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