Hillary Clinton Fails, Gonna Quit Senate

She lost to a gangsta rapper and now she can’t just go back to the senate cuz everyone there went for Obama instead. This is greaet! The Clintons are finally done in politics! No more ruining America’s good name in the oval orafice!

Ostensibly, she’d return to the Senate to continue doing the same thing she’s done since she first took office back in 2000. After all, that’s what John Kerry did, right?

With Clinton, the answer might not be so simple. By mid-summer, the Senator from New York may find herself in somewhat of an awkward position. She’ll be returning to a position that most of her supporters, colleagues, and aides agree that she only took as a stepping-stone on her way to the White House, which she ultimately will have failed to accomplish.

She’ll be returning to a chamber where more of her colleagues backed her chief rival than did her- and let’s not mince words: the Clinton’s haven’t earned the reputation as the most forgiving of political teams.

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Now we just need to defeate Barack Hussein Obama and the athiests won’t be able to ruin America after all!



  1. 1
    ghghgjujk Says:

    Both Hilary and Obama are Christians.

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    Your one of the ones tryin to add to my web blog arent you!

  3. 3
    Jana Gigov Says:

    Quit Hillary. We have not forgotten white water, travel gate, file gate and Vince Foster. Corruption surrounds you and your husband from your earliest days in politics. We need statesmanship but another round of corrupt political pork barreling.

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