Global Warming Glacier Hoax – They Don’t Know

There are like 140,000 gaciers in the world and scientists studyd 40. That’s not much! But they still wanna tell us a few glaciers is melting its the end of the world were all gonna die!!



  1. 1
    You Earth Says:

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  2. 2
    FastJack Says:

    So what are those 40 glaciers? Where did you find this? How about a link to the source?

  3. You can find more information about glacier changes, as well as links to data sources, here.

  4. 4
    shidemn Says:

    Yes, i would like to see your proof, or source of this totally bogus post, remember that your uneducated opinion is not a credible source, and anyone of your semi-retarded blogger buddies, also do not count as a credible source.

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