Grandma Behind Bars 4 Hate Crimes

Wow this is so depressing you have to see it and then we figure out what todo. Christians are beeng silenced and harased and discrimated against all over America!

People are being arrested for reading the BIBLE! Hate crimes is a new pop culture word in law, they say it and its like they have all the power ther is. It’s ilegal for students in Texas to talk about Jesus at Christmas, to protect some kinda religious freedom or whatever. They wouldn’t even let some poor little girl sind about God at the talent show, how mean is that? Its cause secular athiests hate children.

A bunch of lezbians sued to force a church to marry them. Just goes to show you what’s happening to America. Being pulled don the toilet by a the librals.

Even a Canadian Christian went to jail for hait crimes cause he sent a letter to the editor of his newspaper.

How come this sacred crusad of the seculars where they want to hide religion from the children only applys to Jesus? You can put all the Islam in the classoom you want, and they don’t mind that. Only Christianity they want to tell us is bad.

Her’s a quote:

Episode 3: Grandmas Behind Bars Trailer “Hate crime” is the new buzzword in law enforcement. But how is “hate” being defined? Learn how this legislation targets thought and freedom of speech that could make it illegal to believe in “Truth” or even quote the Bible.

Active from Playboy Store

Noone in history ever had it as bad as Christians in America do now!



  1. 1
    shidemn Says:

    How about the slaves?

  2. 2
    Dan Says:

    1) Whats with all the links in the post?!

    2) You say the liberals are causing all of these problems, YET there has been a Republican president for the past 8 years. What are you on? You like finding scapegoats for just about everything – then again, you are a Republican so you can hardly be blamed for doing that….!

  3. 3
    angryxtian Says:

    Only one. I mad the hole thing a link so people wouldnt mis it. To important!

  4. 4
    an athiest Says:

    you are the reason people have no respect for christians. your posting does nothing to help change peoples thought process about how they maybe could be wrong in their thinking.

    everyone is entitled to think and believe what they want. i would literally blow my brains out if the whole world was in christian faith. what a drag that would be.

    america isnt the place for your anti gay, anti athiest an so on babbling. we have the right to choose faith, major reason why this country was developed.

    we fortunately live in a society were disagreement about faith is a fight on a message board and not a bus bomb on the streets next to a school. but the way you talk about how everything else but what you bible thumping retards thinks is wrong creates a rivalry and for me i now lose respect for christians even more because of people like you.

    be like jesus, spread good faith, be good to people.

    and dan is exactly right. maybe you should blame those republicans for the lost faith. you christians are the reason for gw for eight years so don’t go blaming liberals for republican actions.

    slaves is a good one, what about the jews during world war 2? hmmm how about the hundreds of thousands hussein killed off in iraq? how about native americans? what about japanese being put into camps in america during ww2? the list goes on….

    when groups of christians are put together and killed off by the masses maybe you would have a legit arguement, until then go to hell. if god exists he would be ashamed of you

  5. 5
    amypebbleperson Says:

    Oh dear! Whatever are we to do about the few hate crimes against Christians found scattered across the globe?! Dude. Get over it.

    Oh, and please don’t insult all Christians, an atheist, we aren’t all like this guy…and in insulting Christians in angry xian’s mannerisms, you become as destestable as he.

  6. 6
    Linda Says:

    this would probably come acdoss much better if you checked your speeling. Otherwise it appears like garble from an under educated opportunist, I would have read more i’s just stupid to put your opinions on the internet and not take some pride and do a spell check.

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