The Linux Is Anti-American

You know we have a pretty tolerating soceity, maybe to much. We let the librals celebrate in there abortion clinics. The gays have sex out in the streets and sicewalks in places like Boston and San Frangaysco. We have divorces and defeatocrat murderer Ted Kennedy is is power. This kind of liberal behavior shouldn’t be legal while America is at war.Lenin cleans up filth of the world

Capitaliasm is our best weapon, that killed the Soviets. They were a much worser enemy than today’s terrorists are, and JFK couldn’t take it. He ran home with his tail between his legs, and couldn’t even get a fat guy in Cuba. Thanks to Kennedy, the Russians almost destroyd us. We had to live in fear of a nuke bomb, all the time! It would fal out of the sky and people used to hid under there desks. It was a scary time.

Mac and Windows are great American products. They make lots of American jobs, and we’re still ahead of the commies. But a growing movement wants to end these American jobs and give them to pot smoker computer geeks who do computer programming “for the hobby of it.” These are people who are unemploydable for there personality, so they want to punish Americans who contribute something to society.

That sounds to simplefied, but it’s the truth. The guy who invented linux, he’s a billionare. But don’t ask him for any money though, if your a starving kid, he’ll give you a CD with linux on it. Thanks, that really helps the world – that’s sarcasm since its hard to tell on the internet.

But if you realy half to us linux for some wierd reason even though Macs dont get virueses to, use Christian linux!

MLB Minnesota Twins from Fanzz

Stalin and Mao



  1. 1
    Mike Says:

    Wow you know absolutly nothing about linux and are just talking out of your ass.

  2. 2
    Dan Says:

    The titles to your posts seem to get weirder every day…..! Linux is an OS for everyone, regardless of race. Numerous different language packs are included with distributions of Linux – quite a lot of the people who contribute towards Linux are American. You should really do some research before you write these stupid posts – in fact, you might as well stop posting altogether!

  3. 3
    angryxtian Says:

    I se we got to Linux religion people her. I hope your at laest using Christian Linux.

  4. 4
    Dan Says:

    What sort of retard are you? Linux is an Operating System, not a religion….

    I don’t use Linux on my desktop – I prefer Mac instead. But it’s great in a server environment (much MUCH better than Windows) and it beats Windows hands down when it comes to security or customizability.

    Linux is better than Windows a lot of the time – the main reason that Windows is even used these days is because they already have a massive market share and their sly business tactics ensure that they won’t disappear any time soon.

    I don’t love Linux, but if it’s a choice between it and Windows, I’d choose Linux. Windows sucks

  5. 5
    Brent Says:

    How exactly is Linux anti-American? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Be careful not to confuse America with Christianity. While many Americans are Christian, and it can be said that America is a Christian nation (it absolutely is), the two are completely separate.

    Your title suggests that Linux is Marxist, but then you tell people to use “Christian Linux.” Seems contradictory to me.

    I believe you are referring to Ubuntu Christian Edition, but what does that have to do with being anti or pro America?

    The Linux OS is a kernel. Ubuntu is a distribution of open source software which includes Linux among many other things.

    Sharing (code) does not automatically make someone anti-capitalist. Are you also aware that many software companies share their code, including some of the major ones like Google, IBM, and even yes, Microsoft?

    This post represents sheer ignorance, and I am a adamantly against Marxism and am very pro-capitalism. However, it is silly to suggest that sharing code is somehow Marxist. It’s like saying that not sharing is greedy. Neither are true. Sometimes one must protect his work. Sometimes, one gets stuck or does not have time for further development, so he opens the code for the contribution of others’ for the good of the code itself.

    Are you aware that the U.S. military, the N.S.A. and many other American government agencies use a Linux OS (most likely not Ubuntu, but one that they compiled themselves)?

    Not all Linux distros are free of charge –usually only the community ones are. Red Hat actually charges a lot, and is frequently used as servers on large networks. Linux is based on Unix, which has existed for at least 30 years, probably longer than you have existed.

    Lastly, why has Ubuntu become synonymous with the word Linux? They are not the same thing. Please do some research first.

    You give Christians like myself a bad name. Please stop doing that.

  6. 6
    Daniel Says:

    Yeah, if being American means suffering with second-rate products like Windows, I’ll renounce my citizenship!

  7. 7
    Quasarsphere Says:

    You’re a tool.

  8. 8
    Big Jimmy Says:

    Friggin hilarious! There’s a spark of comedic genius at work here.
    They just keep biting and you just keep reelin’ ’em in!
    There’s a book here somewhere.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. 9
    pothead Says:

    This blog is friggin amazingly retarded. People like you give God a bad name.


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