Fossil People Footprints And Dinosaurs Found Together

Well this proves Creation, doesn’t it?  It showes that people and dinosaurs lived together.  Probly they were running to catch Noah’s Ark, that’s what it says in the paper.

Well if dinosors were killed 80 million years ago by a comet or whatever, and mamels showed up like 5 milion years ago, it would be impossible for them to walk togethr.  But they did, and the fossil record shows it.  This proofs evolution is false, and the “naturalistics” opinion is false.

Could they be mad later?  Sure, I wondered that to when I heard about it.  Only, these were made in the mud, and mud drys real fast.  So it couldn’t be.

Sciene is proving Christianity.

Panty Thong from Bare Necessities


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