Gay Agenda Closed as Immoral

Well I hate to admit those Muslim Extremeists in Turkey have something right that we could learn from but its true.  They’re closing down on gay groops as imoral and against the laws of decency.

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, MAY 29 – A Turkish court ruled today the closure of the only gay rights association in Turkey after the prosecutor had said it violated the family protection and public morality laws, Turkish agency Anadolu reported. The agency added that the ruling was issued by a court in the Beyoglu district, in Istanbul’s centre, against the LambdaIstanbul group set up in 1993. Three years ago, the deputy governor of Ankara asked for the closure of the ‘Kaos’ association in which gays and lesbians living in the Turkish capital had joined, calling for the application of a norm which bans associations “against the law and morality”. However, the Ankara prosecutor rejected the request. Unlike the other Muslim states, homosexuality has never been a crime in Turkey, but is surrounded by a widespread social criticism with the exception of Istanbul’s European districts where there are various places of meeting reserved for homosexuals, without this sparking off scandal. Nevertheless, there are no laws for protecting the homosexuals from discrimination. (ANSAmed).
2008-05-29 18:10

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  1. 1
    gay Says:

    Are you also against the homosexual animals that God created?

  2. 2
    vitaminbook Says:

    So, just to be clear…you’re in support of a gay rights groups being forcibly closed by the government?

  3. 3
    angryxtian Says:

    Yeh I think it’s at lest one good thing the muslims did to close down the gay people.

  4. 4
    vitaminbook Says:

    Er…right. I’m sorry, but it’s not every day that you here someone praising an opressive government for being opressive.

  5. 5
    angryxtian Says:

    No I dond like them being oppresive I’m just sayin its good there closing down the gay agenda over there.

  6. 6
    amypebbleperson Says:

    What do you have against gays? Or their lack of a God-given right to be however they so choose to be? Sure, God created 10 commandments, but he also created man (and woman) with free will and the right to obey or disobey his commandments as he/she chooses. The New Testament explicitly teaches to “love thy neighbor” and turn the other cheek. Homosexuals have done no crime against society as a whole, and so I believe we should let them be. God loves every one of his children equally, no matter what their sexual orientation may be, and each one will go to heaven for leading kind, moral lives as defined by his standards; standards which are hinted at in the New Testament, yet are completely unknown to humanity in their entirety. We should not judge, but be accepting of others and their life choices.

  7. 7

    With all due respect, I think your blog might be easier to take seriously if you were literate.

  8. 8
    Teashock Says:

    amypebbleperson – Your theology is WAYY off.
    You are correct in that God loves all of His children.
    However Jesus was very clear in explaining that unless you are born again that you cannot be adopted as His child and therefore remain of your father – the Devil.
    You also need to research the gay agenda a bit more closely.
    You are correct in that God believes in choice and any sin is sin, homesuxality is no greater a sin than fornication or lying however nobody goes into our childrens schools and demands the right to teach them that it is OK to fornicate, lie, steal, murder etc. and by this specific kind of action it singles out the gay agenda pushers for specific reaction.

    In response to the first comment from “gay” I say…
    if we use a fallen nature to justify our actions is it then also OK for me to extend the justification for homesexuality to use animal rape (very very common) to justify human rape?
    What about the way bears kill male cubs belonging to other bears? Can I then use this to justify killing other men who may be competition to me?
    The logic of this argument removes all moral boundaries and is therefore amoral in the extreme.
    Sin is sin and requires repentance and a sacrifice (Jesus) or the forces of eternal Justice will force God to have to judge homosexuals, fornicators, liars, thieves.
    It’s not my opinion, it’s God’s and since He makes the rules that is His perrogative.

  9. 9
    Lucifer Says:

    You guys are all out of your minds.

  10. 10
    Kira Says:

    Christians. They can call gays immoral, Wiccans devil-worshipers, and Muslims terrorist. But if I call that same christian a name, they whine and cry about how I’m a “god hater”.

    “What about the way bears kill male cubs belonging to other bears? Can I then use this to justify killing other men who may be competition to me?”
    I’m sorry but, “well the grizzley bear does it” is not a justification for killing someone, and if you think doing something is okay because and animal does it then I have to question your morals.

  11. 11
    ed Says:

    Hay maybe your on to something.Get with the Muslims.Get rid of all the gays,then find somebody else to hate. You all get along until you run out of groups to hate together.Morons.

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