Praising God Is A Good Thing

God created the world we live in and he made it just rite for us.  HE put the earth at just the right distanse from the son so that we wouldnt be to hot or to cold.  He made gravity what we need for us to live.  Exactly the prefect amount of water so humans can survive.  Its great you can see from science how the world was made exactely how people need it to be.

And that’s a beatiful thing.  Plus God made all kinds of beauty for us to look at and sea that He loves us.  Like what our next president the war hero John MCCain said you can sea God every time you wach the sun set.
NHL Atlanta Thrashers Drinkware from Fanzz

So here’s a guy whose using pictures of the sun set to praise God.  See, this one’s called God Beams.  I like that title!  If everyone was that piouse can you imagine how mcuh better place the world would be?  Because that kind of reverence for God’s creation makes people act in acordance with God’s laws and be better people.


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