Please Dont Vote 4 Barack Hussein Obama

Here’s 10 reasons why u should vote for John Mccain a war hero and not Barak Obama a Muslim who did cokaine.

  1. Change this!  Obama just taks about change al the time it’s like Hilary said he has no substance.  America is the best country in the world!  That’s not joking.  America is the best place you could possibly live and he wants to change that.  It just goes to the unAmerican that librals feel.
  2. Refuses to sware his allegience to America, and he refuses to wear a flag label pin.
  3. Wont pray on the Bible either.
  4. Wants to negotiat openly with terorists.
  5. Named after a Iraq dictator.
  6. Hes a dirty liberal.
  7. Wants to give up in the war against Iraq.  Now when were winning!
  8. No experience.  Doesn’t even vote in the House of Repersentatives when he’s to busy campaigning for more power.
  9. Obama wants to raise your taxes!
  10. Big goverment.

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  1. 1
    pheonix Says:

    Next US President: McCain or Obama?

    Who would you like to be the next US president?


  2. 2

    Frank-His recent controversies with his Christian church should be enough to convince you that Obama is not a Muslim, but then, you also seem to think that Senators vote in the House of Representatives-since Obama is an US Sentator he votes in the Senate, not the House. Besides, John Mc Cain has missed 60% of his votes this campaign season while Obama has missed 41%, so it’s not a very good critizism to level against him.
    If you wish people to stop mocking you, stop making a fool of yourself.
    Best wishes,
    Winston Delgado

  3. 3
    piquaquan Says:

    I have a really hard time taking anything you say in this blog seriously when all of your arguments are so poorly organized.

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