Battling The Femi-Nazis

Lara Doyles book The Surrendered Wife is a feminists nitemare.  They dont like if women make choices for there own happyness instead of for what the feminazi agenda wants.  They dont like surrendered wifes because its not man hating enouff.  But dont take my word for it.  Its not just me.  Its a growing world wide fenominon.  Heres a quote:


Feminism gives great lipservice to self determination for women, but when women make choices that the feminst elite don’t like, suddenly it’s not about choice, it’s about ideology. It seems that feminists don’t want women to do what men want, but what an elite group of privileged caucasian women want. Anything short of blatant misandry is decried as misogyny.

That means other people can see throgh it to.  And hers how the feminazis responded:

It makes me sad to see women basically sending the message to their daughters that they are worth less than men.

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This is great news because it means people ar e starting to take God’s law seriously again. Were starting to live the way it says to in the Bible.


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    Dan Says:

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with women and men being equal in society. I wouldn’t call someone a feminazi for wanting equality of the sexes.

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