We Dont Want Barak Hussein Obama!

Obama lites up!A friend at church told me about some guy called Are Kelly. I looked it up on the internet and its true. Even the libral wikipedia was forced to admit what he done.

This is what someone else on the internet said:

Six years have gone by since we first heard the allegations that R. Kelly had filmed himself having sex with an underage girl. During that time we have seen the videotape being hawked on street corners in Black communities, as if the dehumanization of one of our own was not at stake. We have seen entertainers rally around him and watched his career reach new heights despite the grave possibility that he had molested and urinated on a 13-year old girl. We saw African Americans purchase millions of his records despite the long history of such charges swirling around the singer. Worst of all, we have witnessed the sad vision of Black people cheering his acquittal with a fervor usually reserved for community heroes and shaken our heads at the stunning lack of outrage over the verdict in the broader Black community.

NCAA South Carolina Gamecocks Home & Office from Fanzz
Now is this really the kind of guy we want hanging out with the President of the United States?

Last time we had a Dmocrat for President, he molested her with a cigar right there in the Oval Offace!


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    tony Says:

    Ahahaha. You had me there for a minute. Brilliant site. I thought you were serious, you know, with your claims that just because Barak Obama was bolack and R. Kelly was black they would be hanging out. I finally get the joke. Because it’s like when you say “Last time we had a Dmocrat for President, he molested her with a cigar right there in the Oval Offace!” It’s like me saying, “Don’t give money to Christian schools because they just use it to redo mansions and have relationships with underage boys like Richard Roberts and his wife did.”
    Here’s what someone on the internet said about your site:
    “What a piece of racists crap. I know Christians that after reading this page felt the need to go out and apologize. This is the worst type of representation of the Christian faith I have ever seen. I hope they ask for forgiveness and pray they are brought back into Jesus’ loving embrace. I wish they would stop the “idiocracy” they spread because they make all Christians look stupid.”
    He obviously doesn’t get the joke. I mean I get it. This whole site is a put-on. This site is how dumb people think and you are just pointing it out. I don’t understand how people don’t get this. No one can be as stupid as “Frank” is. Seriously, claiming he believes in Christ’s love and being so hateful. I understand “Frank” is the type of Christian people don’t like because he’s so obviously a hypocrite.
    Maybe I just see this because I’m a Christian.

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