ant Do Math Why Barak Obama Is Popular

Big thanks to Writen On The Wind Dancing Cloudes Sleeping Moon ( that sounds like a Indian name! ) for showing about Obama.  No why Hussein Obama might get elected?  Cause kids today can’t do math!  It’s true.  USA Today made a report:

Author Julie Greenberg said education students should be taking courses that give them a deeper understanding of arithmetic and multiplication. She said the courses should explain how math concepts build upon each other and why certain ideas need to be emphasized in the classroom.

Teacher candidates know their multiplication tables, but “they don’t come to us knowing why multiplication works the way it does,” said Denise Mewborn, who heads the University of Georgia department of math and science education.

That’s becase liberals set up a communist education system with no insentives.  This is what Barak Obama wants to do.

Dresses Women from Ed Hardy

The Democrats will take away No Child Left Behind!  So we cant fix it!  Bush got a law passed against leaving children behind, and the libtards want to end it.



  1. 1
    Nyuushin Says:

    Well, that’s a very informative link….. considering that your conclusion at the bottom, the oh-so-aptly named “No Child Left Behind”? yeah, ever actually read that tidy piece of legislation? more like “Leave Every Child You Can So -Our- Kids Can Look Great”. its not really worth the piece of paper its written on, and certainly has no intentions of doing what it says it does. How about, instead of reading shitty blogs and useless links, you actually pick up a book, or newspaper, or other reputable source of information and base your feelings on that.

    and to whit, I don’t live in America, don’t want to live there, don’t mind Christians as long as you keep your faith out of politics, and am sick and tired of all you idiots spewing your nonsense without a thought for any coherency or truth.

    and if you didn’t understand any of that, and simply reply with “WHY DO YOU HATE CHRISTIANS/AMERICA SO MUCH?! WAH WAH BLAH BLAH”, I feel really, really sorry for you.

  2. 2
    S. H. Says:

    Do you have children? do you know people with children? That legislation did NOTHING for our kids… and frankly I think you should probably concentrate on your inability to spell, instead of worrying about whether or not other people’s kids can do math.

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