Lets All Learn From This British Warning

Ian rote this. He was a victem of the bombing of the London subway.

For years now I’ve been warning everyone just how dangerous and downright wrong Islam is. But nobody listens. As a result, Britain’s cities are now battlegrounds in which decent Christian people go in permanent fear of their lives.

What makes it all so much worse is the attitude of religious leaders like the Archbishop of Canterbury — always droning on about how wonderful Islam is and how we need to love all Muslims.

Well, the vicious Muslims — because all Muslims are vicious — laugh themselves sick, and concentrate on eliminating people like me, knowing that they can deal with the stupid liberal Christians just whenever the mood takes them.

I can’t believe I have long to live. I am writing this comment to the sound of gunfire, and it’s getting louder. If these should be my last words, let them sound a warning to the United States. We tried being nice to these people, and look where it got us.

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For God’s sake, give up all thought of electing a Muslim president. The moment Osama takes power, you are all doomed. Vote for Senator McCain, even if he is a crazed communist. At least he isn’t a Muslim.


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