Genetically Modified Gay Food

Someone at church tolde me this.  We’ve had a lot of new genetic modified food lately, and gayness is on the rise.  So much they have control ovr the democrat party and control Hollyweird as part of the gay agenda.  Well anyway thers a lotta gay people around.

Homosexualism aint natural.  Genetic modified food aint natural.

Thre both on the rise. Maybe if we gave it back to the good old fashioned Amrican farmer instead of theme Chinese takin over then we’d have natural food again and it might get rid of gay people.  I dont no if thats true but maybe!  What if we could cure a lot of gaynss and AIDES befor it gets started by banning China imports.

I think its kinda to good to hope for.  But the only way it even has a chance if Mccaine wins like he shuld.



  1. 1
    S. H. Says:

    … Please tell me that you created this little blog as a joke. If not I wonder… Do you realize that all you are is an ignorant little speck on the interweb that just gives people more reason to hate their fellow man?

    Your words do more harm than good… and by harm… i probably just mean cause more annoyance.

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    Its nota joke it it’s a idea I heard for how to get rid of the gays of tomorow. I said I dont really beleve if itl work but maybe if its worht a try?

  3. 3
    shidemn Says:

    Ignorance is Bliss.
    Enjoy your Fun Angryxtian!

  4. 4
    Teashock Says:

    Sorry angry but homosexuality is natural.
    Just like murder, rape, theft, dishonesty, deceit and blasphemy.
    It is natural for man to sin because man is completely depraved in nature. Man is an enemyof God in his mind through wicked works.

    It is only by a miracle of grace that God does not kill any and all of us right now, including you and I.
    All sin is rebellion against a just and holy God and all sin is equally deserving of eternal punishment.
    Remember, it is not YOUR words that can do ANY good for anyone.
    It is the Word of God that is the power unto salvation for all that believe.
    Read & use the His Word if you want to actually change anything.
    Otherwise this blog is also just sin, self proclaimation.
    Repent and use the Word or you will just be helping store up more wrath for others on the day of judgement and you will be held accountable for your misrepresentation of God and self idolitary.
    I’m not joking with you here, go and read God’s Word on it. If you have beef about my comment then your beef is with God, not me.

    For the unloving haters out there who are rejoicing at this comment, unless you repent you too will perish. You will not be able to point your finger at anyone but yourself on that day. Your own consience will be called as a witness for the prosecution against you and your own finger will point at you while your own mouth proclaims the sentence “guilty as charged” and you will be judged.

  5. 5

    i lol’ed

  6. 6
    Syd The Skeptic Says:

    Man, this is funny. I needed a good laugh today.

    but I’m also a bit disturbed. I’m a lesbian and no one told me about my people’s agenda. I am SO out of the loop! Why didn’t I buy that last k.d. lang CD…? The All-powerful Fabulous Arbiters of Gays (F.A.G.) must not think I’m a good lesbian or somethin’. That’s it. I’m off to buy some birkenstocks.

  7. 7

    I’d really like to know what you eat, because whatever it is, it must cause stupidity, hate-mongering, and prejudice. The way you talk, HICKS are more intelligent than you are. What does China have to do with genetically modified food? “Gayness” is not a disease, and “Homosexualism” is not a real word. I don’t go to the doctor for my anti-homosexualism inoculations. I have a fun game we could play, let’s count the “words” that aren’t even words (and/or are spelled wrong). The third-graders I watch in an after-school program can’t even count that high!
    You sir are a complete and total imbecile.

  8. 8
    Chet Suabo Says:

    I guess you hate Idaho GOP senator, Larry Craig, an all around good Christian, who happens to seek sodomy in men’s bathrooms. Nothing says good Christian values more than being buggered in a room that smells like feces and urine.

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