Hate Crimes Invent Themself

Even in Canada where they have communist docotrs and a medicine system, and even they can see how hate crimes are fake.  It says people are identifying as hate crime victims, and they keep reeporting more hate crimes every year!  Well how bout this.  I got a idea for you all.  Lets just stop having regular crime at all and just call everything hate crime.

Thats what we do anyway only its not really.  If you comit a crime against a Christian its not a hate crime.  But if its against a gay person or a Muslim or black people its a hate crime.  So lets be fair to the Christians for once in history and say if you comit a crime its a hate crime and then well all be equal again.

Her’s the statistics.  Its called “Coincidence? Hate Crime On The Rise…But So Is Identifying Yourself As A Target.

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These man arent criminals!

These man arent criminals!


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