Holocaust of Homosexuality

Its a plague.  In California they have bath houses where men get sick and die of AIDES.  Now theres no cure for that even if its wishful thinkin so the only thing to do is prevent it.  That means we need to stop gay people having abominations.  They tach kids at school how to use condoms an drugs why arent we teaching them about Gods love in the Gospel!  Only it can save them and turn them back to the lit.

Gayness/AIDES has killed more people than the Iraq war they hate so much.

A Obama web blogger sued book publishers for printing The Bible!  Hes suing them for $70,000,000.00 because he’s sad The Bible says being gay is a sin and he’s suing people a lot of money for printing God’s message.  Trying to censor Christianity andmake it ilegal to print Bibles.

He says its a hard life being gay because he’s not popular because its unnatural.  But same sex couples that can never hav children get something else from all there promescuity.  The gay lifestyle spreads disease!  More people died of AIDS than from the black plague in Europe history.  That’s more than 10 holocasts of World War 2 just from gay behavior!!

Gundam Seed Cosplay from Milanoo

All good Christians need to save the world from this horible suffering and we can only do it by preventing.



  1. 1

    this is one of the most hilarious endeavors i’ve ever seen, nice job!

  2. 2

    Oh God, AIDS (not AIDES) is not only transmitted by “the gay people.” Straight, crazy, and generally misinformed people like you can spread AIDS assuming someone else is out of their mind enough to sleep with you.

  3. 3

    … there is no “E” in AIDS.

  4. 4
    AshamedChristian Says:

    Aides have killed gay people? Oh the horror! We have to stop our assistants, secretaries, and other related workers in the field from committing such atrocities, and at bath houses for gay people no less! Shouldn’t they be at their desks, with their staplers and paperclips, preparing the CEO’s schedule for the week? Shocking, simply shocking.

    And I’m not positive on how to “tach” kids on how to use condoms, but I’ll tell you one thing… It doesn’t happen at the high school I work at.

    Oh, and just a thought. You hate gay people so much, why do YOU care if they die?

    Personally, I have several Gay friends, who would prefer if you leave worrying about their health to others who actually view them as people, not menaces to society..

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