Christians Heros of Mine

Here ar some of my personil insparation heros of mine that I want to be more like and do a beter job of carying out Jesus work:

I only got on thing to tell you Scott.  Obama aint Jesus, and you better stop you blasphemy sinning before Jugement Day comes round.



  1. 1
    Dan Says:

    Wow this blog is still running?! *Surprised gasp* I unsubscribed from the RSS feed ages ago – I realised there was little point arguing with someone who wouldn’t listen at all. Now I receive a pingback and find out I’m a “Christian hero” of yours…. (despite being “eurotrash”).

    The anti-European feeling in some parts of the USA often makes me laugh – if it wasn’t for Europe, then America would never have been populated by whites at all and the USA wouldn’t even exist.

  2. 2

    Oiiii, Angry Xtian…

    You do know the meaning of the words sarcasm, mockery and snarkiness?

    I am making fun of the people who treat Obama like he’s the new liberal Messiah – namely, Obama supporters and the liberal media.

    For many examples of how the media intentionally portrays Obama within Messianic imagery, see the main page of this site (also an anti-Obama site).

    I myself am a strong anti-Obama guy and cannot stand the idol-worship US Democrats, liberals and Black give the guy.

  3. 3

    Plus, I criticize him and his supporters for butchering the Bible.

    <a href=””.Man Sues Bible and the Apostle Paul, Man Sues the Holy Spirit, New Gospel of Obama to be Added to Bible

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