Harry Potter Is Anti-Christian Confirmed

This web blog is about picking and choosing quotes from the Old Testament ( that’s BEFORE Jesus folks!!!! ) and saying how he dosn’t like them.  Wel if someone dont like God’s plan thats there problem they can learn on Jugement Day.

But heres one that proofs Harry Potter is anti-Christian propaganda its http://true-bible-knowledge.blogspot.com/2008/08/now-let-us-return-to-our-harrowing-tale.html

First it quotes of Genisis were we learn about how GOD created the world.  Then it says these:

I don’t know about you… but all of this sounds a little “Harry Potterish” to me. We know that Adam named all of the animals, but we have no mention of him ever talking to them. And since when, do you suppose, snakes lost their ability to speak?

Hey! Harry Potter could talk to snakes too you know!

That wicked and evil and sinful, and its using Harry Potter as propaganda against ChristianS!!

Sunscreen from DERMAdoctor

And then he talks about Dungens and Dragons a Satanic game where looser teenager kids comit suicide.  This is the kind of discrimination Christians face today!!!!!!!

Stupid athiest Satanists!

Stupid athiest Satanists!



  1. 1
    barbara Says:

    If only your dictionary were as well-thumbed as your Good Book, your posts might have more of an impact on your target audience. As it is, you just come across as another sub-literate bible thumper, and any deep thoughts you might have about the plight of Christians today is lost in a morass of craptastic grammar and 2nd grade-level spelling.

  2. 2
    AshamedChristian Says:

    Since obviously you don’t own a dictionary, thesaurus, or working knowledge of how to crack open a book, let me help you out.

    a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. (Like Satan.)

    1. the worship of Satan (A supreme/supernatural being) or the powers of evil.
    2. a travesty of Christian rites in which Satan is worshiped.
    3. diabolical or satanic disposition, behavior, or activity.


  3. 3
    Charity Says:

    First of all, thanks for the link up.

    Second, I suppose I should inform you that my name is Charity. And there is a personal picture on my website… so umm… yeah. I’m female.

    Third, I never talked about dungeons and dragons directly only how Adam, Eve and the Garden of Eden sound like they are straight out of a Dungeons and Dragons game.

    And lastly, ( although there are many things wrong with the above article, not including the spelling and grammar errors ) My web log is a look at the bible from beginning to end… so it only made sense to begin where my King James Version of the bible begins… the old testament.

    Hey, but glad you kinda read my article, though it truly would have been nice if you had actually read ALL of the post.


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