Democrat Alaska Ted Stevens To Be Punished

I finaly understand it.  I just read how Ted Stevens ( D:ALASKA ) is actually a democrat.  All this time I thote he was a Republican, but I guess that’s just the libral media lieing to me.  They like there “re-education” programs and there “fairnes doctrin.”  We al no he’s a corrupt pork barel, but now it all makes sense.  There just trying to slander good Republicans.

Th prove is right here on this guy’s web blog its called Federal Way Conservitave.  But I gotta worn ya its pretty bad stuff.  I mean what kinda real conservative is for the federal way?  If you have to turn your back on states rites, your not a conservative.  You might as well cal yourself a libral democrat like Ted Kenedy and Ted Stevens.  They just want to make a strong federal way of bullying us around and taking away are religion and are rural way of life.  The federal way is how some PC nazi in San Francisco pushes the gay agenda thru some activist juge and try to call children obscene or sue us for having Bibles.

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It’s sure a good think how President Bush is standing up to his corruption like I’m standing up to athiest bullying!


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