Stupid Democrat of Mayor Detroit

The mayer of Detroit is in jail!  He want to Canada without permission, and now he’s in jail!  And good for them I don’t no what part of against the law he doesn’t udnerstand.  Kilpatrick IN JAILI guess a lot of parts since he was already on probation for having sex with a intern.  Go firgure its a democrat.

Here’s the money quote:

Kilpatrick has steadfastly refused calls to step down. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, also a Democrat, has the power to remove him but has not stepped into the case.

The mayor may face additional charges stemming from an incident last month in which he shoved a sheriff’s deputy serving a subpoena on one of Kilpatrick’s friends.

He punched a cop!  He’s going to jail for 15 years.  What kind of stupid democrat garbage is this?  How can they all b so currupt they dont notice the mayor is in prison?

That’s his mug shot.

Heres another one:

Kilpatrick’s former chief of staff, Christine Beatty, also faces perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

The two exchanged text messages that appear to show they lied when they testified in a police whistle-blower lawsuit that they had not had a sexual relationship or discussed the firing of a police official.

So hes just having sex with people not his wife on the taxpayer money!  And instad of making the worst city in America a better lace he’s out braking the law and crippeling the police force.  Its like a super villian in the batman movie.  Its just like Marrion Berry in Washington DC where they had a illegal unconstitutitonal gun ban on the 2 amendment – he was arrested for smoking crack on a hooker in the getto.

Is this really what we want by electing Barak Obama?

Go vote for Scots LOLO cat!


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