This Kinda Crap Should Be Ilegal

Bush is right, there outta be a limits to freedom.  I found this on the internet from a Christian site that I guess is fallen.  Look at this – why are we allowing this kind of blashphemy?  There’s just no good reason for it.  Contributes nothing to soceity.  Athiesm itself never contributed anything at all to society either.

Tell me how thats legal!!

Tell me how that's legal!!

I just wanna point out how Jesus’s sacrafice he made for us isn’t a joke.  That’s alll.  I’m so greatful for what Jesus Christ gave up and died on the cross of torture to pay are debt for sin!  He took that on so we could live with God forever in Heaven.  For us.  You and me.  We should all give thanks instad of laughing at Jesus!

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  1. 1
    angryxtian Says:

    Also wanna say how if it was Muslims theyd be rioting and killing people. Rember how they did that last year when you made fun of their guy in a cartoons?

  2. 2
    dsfds Says:

    i just wanna point out your all ignorant bigoted religious extremists, and atheists have contributed to society they gave it common-fucking-sense

  3. 3
    Gnarus Says:

    well said dsfds.

  4. 4
    Allah Says:

    Yeah, this article is stupid….Freedom of religion…And plus The bible sounds like a fucking children’s story…Harry potter or something. All fake, and goddamn man your such an extremist!!

  5. 5
    kaveman Says:

    what are you taking about that picture is freaking hilarious. XD

  6. 6
    Agent A Says:

    Haha what an awesome picture!! Oh yer an atheists have never contributed to society? what rock do you live under?.. oh wait that was jesus that got stuck in the cave..

  7. 7
    Lolololol Says:

    That pic is epic

  8. 8
    ghj Says:

    you guys are all going to hell you will see i worship the one and only almighty god and Jesus.

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