Athiest Outlines Plot Against Ben Stien

I don’t no what it is that makes software nerds all be evil people, but this is 2 in a row now. First it was Larry Software Guy and then its this guy a Chinese feng shui worshipper.

Here’s what hes got to say:

We also use google-bombing to do this for wider audiences, and we’ve had a recent success with this regarding Expelled, where we pushed the Expelled Exposed site up right next to the movie in Google’s results.

That’s a kind of cyber terrorism used by democrats and librals to get there way.

Swimwear Soft Cup from Bare Necessities

So this athiest site called “skeptics” is using cyber terrorism to try an censor the truth.


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    Teashock Says:

    All humans are evil, that’s a basic Christian doctrine. You should know that Angry!
    Without a new heart and new desires direct from God we would all be evil.
    Thank God that He converted and saved me and now I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and a computer nerd too!

    Hey man check out the free audio Bibles by googling it.


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