So Many Pro Terrorists In USA

Why do hipies and drug addicts and other kinds of degenerates all love Palestine so much.  I dont know.  Maybe they hate Jews, but I dnot think thats it.

Most librals mean well.  Deep down in there hearts, they really want to make the world a better place.  And thing they can do it.  It’s not that all the libtards are wicked and trying to do evil works.  Its just most of em got there prioritys backward.  Like they wanna make quotas for black people ( I guess 1/50 of Presidents gotta be blacks ) cause they dont care about oppressing people about who they havta hire.  I think libtards hate success, so they just dont care or see peopl in business as people at al.  They sure dont realize how its those people are smart enough to be success, and need help to stay afloat so they can keep on making success in America.

But anyway apart from all that stuff encouraging women to be lesbians and to go out and have a abortion, most liberals are trying to do the right thing, there just failing really bad.  So that comes back to Israle.  Its not the librals want to be useful idiots to a buncha terrorists who are gonna kill people to the end of time.  I think they just wanna take away Israel real quick, and think then the Arabs will all be happy forever and sing Kumbaya My Lord.  They just forgot about all the Jews over there.

Other from Ricky’s NYC

Look, people, the Muslims want to finish the job Hitler started and wipe the Jews out forever.  Dont play into there hands and help them do that.


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