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Sara Palin Gonna Save the Republicans

September 24, 2008

I just read about how Sarah Palins gonna save us all.  Noticed how all hte librals went right on the attack cause they hate her?  That means shes good shes gonna fix America and they hate America and they hate success that’s what librals do.  So when librals swarm on the attack and go after the poor girls preggnant dauter, you know there really desprate.

I almost wanted to just give up cause Mccains such a libral, but now with Jessica Palin there gonna make America right!  I’m so exited!

ore Defeatism Of The Democrats

September 23, 2008

Barak Hussein is going around syaing what kinda horrible shape he thinks America is in.  Justl ike how his wife said she was proud of America for the first time.  Because librals hate America, folks.  That’s all this is.

They want to freak you out and make you think it’s some kinda disaster and what the Democrats will rush in to the rescue with lots of handouts for hte poor.  It aint gonna happen.  Bush and the Republicans are fighting for the American worker – for people like YOU – to help ya stay afloat.  And all this time Obama is just disparaging you.

Meenwhile John Mccain and Cindy Palin have a plan to fix it.  Barak Obama doesn’t have a plan.  He don’t have no vision, either.

There’s a hole growing list of ex-librals who can see through this hollow America bashing.  Good old fashined folks like Save Internet and this guy Forrest with the patriotism on the 4th of July and even the Eurotrash.  These folks no just because Obama running around with the sky on fire saying “Are economy is in a total colapse” doesn’t mean anything.  Its just librals flapping there gums.
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A really good comment

September 16, 2008

It sayd:

I dunno even though he picked such an awesome running mate, I don’t think that he’ll be christian enough for me to leave my home and vote. I am afraid that a McCain white house won’t find a way to fix our economy. Finally doing god’s work and banning abortions and killing all them terrorists will finally bring the kingdom of heaven to earth but right now I need a job to support my family. We have seven kids and we are good christian god loving people but several months ago the factory i worked at closed down and was shipped over to China, another evil atheist country!! I haven’t yet found a job. The bills are piling up and I’m looking at foreclosure.

I gotta agree with a coupel of things in here that:

  1. John Mccain just isnt conservative enough.  They shoulda picked Huckabee Instead.
  2. Sarah Palin is super conservitave.  She makes up for Mccain even if he’s a libral in a lot of ways.
  3. We gotta stop them Chinese stealing good American jobs!!1
  4. Palins got executive experience.

Its hard to go vote for John Mccain and I’m not even sur its such a good idea to give a woman that kinda power.  But it cant be worse than Hillory and Barack Hussein Obama.

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McCain Beeting Barak Hussein Now

September 2, 2008

Thanks so mcuh to picking Jessica Palin whos a regular woman and a soccer mom who’s a good Christian wife just like most regular people, were winning! They already raised $47 million dollars since they announced it.

And thas without having a convention. Because unlike the democrats we have respect for whats going on in America when they just wanna use a storm as a campaign thing. Like some how a act of god is John McCain’s fault.
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