McCain Beeting Barak Hussein Now

Thanks so mcuh to picking Jessica Palin whos a regular woman and a soccer mom who’s a good Christian wife just like most regular people, were winning! They already raised $47 million dollars since they announced it.

And thas without having a convention. Because unlike the democrats we have respect for whats going on in America when they just wanna use a storm as a campaign thing. Like some how a act of god is John McCain’s fault.

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Look, people, I know McCain isn’t a real conservative but he’s a lot better than Barak Hussein.



  1. 1
    god's monkey Says:

    I dunno even though he picked such an awesome running mate, I don’t think that he’ll be christian enough for me to leave my home and vote. I am afraid that a McCain white house won’t find a way to fix our economy. Finally doing god’s work and banning abortions and killing all them terrorists will finally bring the kingdom of heaven to earth but right now I need a job to support my family. We have seven kids and we are good christian god loving people but several months ago the factory i worked at closed down and was shipped over to China, another evil atheist country!! I haven’t yet found a job. The bills are piling up and I’m looking at foreclosure.

  2. 2
    angryxtian Says:

    Those ar some good points.

  3. 3
    Teashock Says:

    Trust in God not in man.
    I too have been laid off but the Son of man had nowhere to lay his head so why do I think I desrerve any better?
    Lay your treasures up in heaven not on earth!
    Christian be encouraged, God is not mocked by these things and we press on to attain a greater prize than this world can offer!
    He will judge all workers of unrighteousness. Be of good cheer! In spite of your circumstances because Jesus told us to be!

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