ore Defeatism Of The Democrats

Barak Hussein is going around syaing what kinda horrible shape he thinks America is in.  Justl ike how his wife said she was proud of America for the first time.  Because librals hate America, folks.  That’s all this is.

They want to freak you out and make you think it’s some kinda disaster and what the Democrats will rush in to the rescue with lots of handouts for hte poor.  It aint gonna happen.  Bush and the Republicans are fighting for the American worker – for people like YOU – to help ya stay afloat.  And all this time Obama is just disparaging you.

Meenwhile John Mccain and Cindy Palin have a plan to fix it.  Barak Obama doesn’t have a plan.  He don’t have no vision, either.

There’s a hole growing list of ex-librals who can see through this hollow America bashing.  Good old fashined folks like Save Internet and this guy Forrest with the patriotism on the 4th of July and even the Eurotrash.  These folks no just because Obama running around with the sky on fire saying “Are economy is in a total colapse” doesn’t mean anything.  Its just librals flapping there gums.

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  1. 1
    Dan Says:

    I find it remarkable that you are still blogging.

    I support Obama, not McCain. I do think America is in a mess and I don’t think McSame will help at all. Bush doesn’t support the average American worker – he’s in favour of globalisation and big corporations. McSame will likely adopt the same failed policies.

    The Republicans thought they could just let the economy get on with it’s job, and everything would be “hunky dory”. Instead, they drove themselves into poverty – and the government had to clear up the mess.

    The USA, and the Western world, need a different approach. Regulation is important to have a more gentle, continued growth of wealth.

    Finally, I’d like to say in response to this:

    “the Democrats will rush in to the rescue with lots of handouts for hte poor.”

    I’d rather handouts, than no support at all! Jesus calls us to look after the poor, but the Republicans don’t seem to have done that at all. Poverty for the bottom 20% has increased, while the rich are richer than ever! What sort of social justice is that? What Would Jesus Do?

  2. 2
    Teashock Says:

    Good point Dan,
    The liberals are really good at publicising their work for the poor but you will find that the real Christians are the ones actually looking after the poor. People who actually pour their life out looking after others unlike the vast majority of “liberals”.
    However when it comes down to it, it is a personal command for us to look after widows & orphans, the poor. We should not be depending on the government to do it for us and allow their lack of action to justify ours.

    I would be unable to support any person who stands in favour of murdering the most innocent people at the whim of one other person. – abortion. Obama is an open supporter of this vilest of crimes. Would you support a leader who wanted to start a liars club and thought tha people should be free to lie without consequence as it is their choice? What about a wife beaters club or an adulterers club? Somewhere where men could go and cheat on their wives without fear of their anonimity being removed or being held accountable for their actions. Instead we could write articles about how difficult the decision to cheat on their wife was for them and how they will have to live with the emotional burden for the rest of their life and that we should have sympathy for them and just support, love and encourage them in continuing on with their daily life.
    Does this sound ridiculous? It is, just like any argument used to support the butchery of millions of infants currently practiced among the most “christian” nation in the world – America. Sickening.
    I would no more vote for this man than for a man who says it is a terrorists right to choose to murder innocents or that he doesn’t feel it is right for him to tell a peadophile that it is wrong to abuse children!!

    In the end we all will have to answer to God for our stewardship of all that He has given us, Obama, Bush, You, Me and Angry here. Whether or not we believe in Him.

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