Don’t Vote For The Negro

Look the eelection is only two moore days until now.  Were picking a President of AMERICA folks, not some kinda American Idol singer.  Sure Barak Hussein Obama has a silver tonuge.  And he wants to use it to sit down and talk to all are enemys and buddy up to them like his terrorist palls.  And let them destroy Isreal.

He gets up on he stage and rants and it reminds me of an angry negro.  I don’t like that.  And you no you don’t like it to.

Dont vote for this shallow Hollyweird man.

Footwear High from Playboy Store



  1. 1
    Astounded Says:

    You know, trying to disregard the racism here for just one second, I’m curious. You seem to be very worried about the wellfare of the state of “Isreal” (sic). How come you can’t even spell it right?

  2. 2
    Incredulous Says:

    Do you really think people with common sense could come to listen to a half-wit such as yourself? As for an ‘angry negro’, I didn’t see him throwing out desperate accusations in a pitiable attempt to weasel his way into the highest office of the land. And by the way, spelling words right usually gives people a modicum of respect for those trying to sway public opinion, but evidently, you failed. Get real. He’s president. You lose.

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