Votor Fraud of Obama – Stolen Election

Just like the Demoturds say Bush did in 2000.  The libtards stole the election.  And they elected a Arab Muslim terrorist hat’s not even a citizen of this great country he hates.

If you want a gun you better go buy one rite now!  Obama gonna make them illegal.

Like capitalism?  Better enjoy it quick before the SOCIALIST takes over.  I bet hell send out death squads.  Oh wait those are the abortion doctors.  There gonna replace the school nurse.

Camisoles from Milanoo

Folks things are gonna get real bad around her.  They took over the congress to so they have both houses of goverment.



  1. 1
    handsfrozentothesword Says:

    I’m with you, my friend.

    Thanks for speaking truth… especially on a day like this.

  2. 2
    sfokc6125 Says:

    Of course it was rigged. FEAR AND MONEY IS THE HOW. Now they are acting like the MOB . Look at Joe Lieberman and now they are telling him ether you side with us or we will crush you by taking away all of the chairs you sit on. On Jan 20th 2008 no inauguration on a coronation.
    Unless we call for a recounnt and also call for the vote of those serving over seas. THEY DID NOT GET TO VOTE BUT THEY CAN DIE FOR US. We keep forgeting IT IS BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE . We are the PEOPLE. nWe have the voice they only have power because we act like SHEEP. I have been writing every congress memeber on the GOP asking what they are going to do and asking for an recount on this matter. We held up the 2004 for bad voting machines but we CANT FOR THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN SERVING TO FIGHT FOR THAT VERY FREEDOM.
    Below is a letter I sent to the leg breaker they sent after Joe Lieberman Harry Reid.
    You know what’s really bad for AMERICA. You and your goons. You all claim to be for the people but with what you are doing to Sen. Joe Lieberman is a shame. We have the right to free speech, we have the right to choose who we support and the right to do so with no punishment from the government . As granted by the Constitution. If there is only one party in control then you have ether a dictatorship or a monarchy. Ether way is NOT THIS COUNTRY. It is WE the People not we the democrats. You all seem to forget you are there to serve us the American Public at the request by us by way of election. Not by or for any other reason . If you and your party think that you will herd us like sheep you are sadly mistaken. In two years you will ether do the job right or by the power of the vote you will find yourselves voted out of office. I am voicing my right to free speech as toyou and your party That is guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States of America. And if you don’t like it take the advice of one of your

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  4. 4

    I really like how you think!!

    I am with you 100%

    If you ever need anything, let me know!

  5. 5
    Angel Says:

    hmmmm you are using a kind of manipulation

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