We Need the Recount!!

How come evry time theres a lection where Republicans win they screeam “vote fraud” at the moon!  But now that ACORN bought all the votes using crack for people and every single last one of the African Americans all voted for Obama like some kind of sick sonspiracy, none of them care about hte voter fraud that got Obama elected?  It’s the same thing with Jon Kenedy, he was only president cause a million dead people voted for him in Chicago.  Thats a lot of vote frauud – just right there in that one state.  Plus all the rest like California and Massachussettes and New York.

Folks the democrats stole this election in both forms of goverment and they want you to think there nothing you can do about it.  But there lying to you.  Theres somethin we can all do.  Its called rite your congressman.  And your senators.  Heck, rite all of them.  Especially the Republicans cause they know it was vote fraud that cost them all there dream, which is only to make America a better place.

Obamas gonna make guns illegal, and then hes gonna take away all the guns.  Except hte ones the criminals and drug dealers and pimps have, thats the flaw in the libral mentality of anti guns.  Its like they can put the geney back in the bottle or something.  Anyway hes gonna take away all the guns and hen hes gonna legalize pot and make abortion legal everywhere.  Hes gonna raise your taxes and put small businesses out of business.  And donate all the money to poor people in Africa and Sudan.

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Unless you do something to stop it.  Write the whole congress.


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